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Posts by blacktoku Some good here, copped some APC slip ons for $42
Subbed, thinking about picking up a kanga hoodie. Arcteryx cerium SL for 40% off. The product image is the women's jacket though Great deal on cerium sl. They have the women's jacket as the product image though. has further reductions
I think the feature sale is done now
Thanks for the tip! I was looking at some Danner hiker boots that got snatched up.
Anyone know if Steven Alan B&M do phone orders? Something I was eyeing for a while sold out once they hit 40% off.
No I found they fit pretty similar. More because it was my first pair of Chelsea boots so I decided to go with the more standard look with the elastic sides.
I was in the exact same boat as you on black friday, ended up returning the gellers even though I really liked them. 
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