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don't worry i throw shade at regular cosplayers too
is this real life? are we having a serious discussion about the fucking Fedora Lounge?
Source: http://xkcd.com/1357/
I kinda expected that reaction. I'm regressing a bit into stuff I used to find interesting after going a bit too far into very tame stuff. I don't want my aesthetic to be relegated to what basically amounts to one outfit, even if it's an outfit I really like.It didn't touch a nerve, which would imply that someone was offended. It was just dumb.
followed you. please post more snails
BTW, the shorts I'm wearing have bondage straps that are unfortunately invisible in the picture.
gotta say that looking like an effeminate anime skater with fashion boots is pretty ok by me
I dunno! I'll find out.
if you changed most of your outfit you'd look like something else entirely
this is exactly the idea thank you
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