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that jacket's just too ugly for me. it goes way beyond "so ugly it's cool." it's actually grotesque, those patches look like some mutant camo organs but probably i'm just not next-level enough to get this one ...
this doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the product, or price, or where its made — please stop trotting out these tired points
Lad Musician Long Shirt Kiryuyrik Cropped Twill Pants IVXLCDM Logo Plate & Chain Bracelet (Matte Black)
Contacting the shopping service directly. This is less convenient with FromJapan and more convenient with a service I'm shifting my purchases to (and soon, my guide). I'll address this in a future version.
wow. finally. i never thought about it this way before
Thank you! Please let me know if there was a situation you ran into that you wish the guide addressed. (open invitation to anyone, really)
has 0jsimpson's trolling been, this entire time, all about justifying his SLP jacket to himself
nm, mean
I was really underwhelmed with the SLP when I saw it in their SoHo store. It had a very "dry" texture, and there were already prominent wrinkles in the hide. The one above certainly looks better, so perhaps just an issue with that particular one I saw.
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