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tetsuya nomura is the director so you've got at least another eight years
the most sinnedk post
^ girlfriend said exactly the same thing
guarantee it just means "latest" collection
uhh probably not: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sephirot
Also, surprised you haven't checked out Ground Y + Evangelion!
Problem is that while this is great community content, the forum-thread format with comments inter-spliced with content is difficult to share with outsiders.
He says "courtesy of" so my guess is that they were gifted with the expectation they be photographed during the trip. At least they look good.
Man, that pic makes me want to wear Julius, too.Have you seen Takeshi Obata's (Death Note, Hikaru no Go, Castlevania) Julius "editorial"?
do you understand what an auction is you fucking lunatic
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