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uh it's funny because it's so fucking unfunny and poorly written and petty wtf are you guys talking about
Agreed. I honestly expected better, though I guess that's my mistake.
"Personal trust" is a generous description. I would just like to see a situation where people get their jackets, or their money, and nobody has to have their life ruined — or ended.I suffer from depression and anxiety, and I can honestly imagine ending up in Drew's place after completely losing control of a situation.However, it is possible that my empathy is being exploited and manipulated. I am highly suspicious of and disappointed in Drew's most recent update. It is...
how has there not been a "sexiness" challenge
whoa this makes my jacket sound way more awesome
The worst part: I'm wearing it today.
Since this is moving so fast, I just wanted to say again that I am sorry for interjecting. It was fine for me to talk to Drew, but I shouldn't have repeated any information since I have no way to verify it. It was irresponsible and disrespectful to what you guys are going through here. I hope you all can accept this apology and we can move on from this.
I wasn't asked to post anything on his behalf beyond the initial message. I did tell Drew to do all of those things and many more things that he obviously needs to do and I am waiting to see if he will do. I want to hope for the best; however, since I obviously cannot guarantee anything, I should not have spoken at all about it in the first place and kept my feelings to myself. I don't have a right to interfere with what's going on here.
I'm sincerely sorry for posting anything.
New Posts  All Forums: