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You're such a piece of shit.
dude why
How about this? junhashimoto inner rider
all i want is more self-deprecatory humor from jun hashimoto
between poilu taking my IKEA suggestion literally and stitches' photos i am pretty sure we've reached peak-surrealism on SWD
A lot of stuff was shut down over the holidays indeed, so I'd wait a little longer. FJ was closed for a while and I think they are backlogged.
"Cut, proportion, fabric, and, not least important, the refusal to embellish beyond what is necessary—Slimane nails these elements in almost every garment."LOL
Almost definitely wjk. Check out Ouret as well.
can you guys stop being assholes to anyone who doesn't check this thread every fucking day to understand the non-status of their order?
Isaac Sellam Crocodile Boots
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