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Except these are significantly higher quality. Like, on another level. They have the same "lines" but the finished result is completely different. I'll let the man tell it himself:H: One of Hender Scheme’s most popular series, the Manual Industrial Products, was launched not long after the brand’s creation. How did this concept come about?RK: Our homage line aims to focus on the production processes of recreating those designs. We perceive the meaning of sneakers as...
honestly awesome.
why do you americans have to change every word that comes from britain
It's true I'm not in a position to buy them right now, considering I just got my KKA guidi boots. But it's also true that winter is soon. I live in Quebec. Winter comes swiftly.
I'm a 43; not looking to buy right now, though. Winter is almost here so I'd never have the chance to wear them in the salt and snow :') Thanks though.
Size 3 would probably be OK, I'm a 43 and wore Size 2 with no issues.
For your style, I like the Geller most. :') But of course, I lean towards the Attachment coat ... There's also this one, which is a bit longer and lacks the more traditional details: http://www.essence-web.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=12253
this is reminding me of when i almost bought a pair of burgundy lanvin high-tops wow
but awesome
It would be decently warm, I think. Until 0 degrees celsius it would probably be OK. I'm just judging based on what I know about the materials and construction.
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