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soju seems ok to me. i don't know. i just want to forget sadness, after all
show us your tats
FWIW I sized down .5 as all directions advised too. I tried loosening the laces some more and it helped. I think I'm gonna switch to the fabric ones too.
Yeah, I have. The heel and toes feel fine, so I hope it'll be OK soon.
Anyone else get their suede converse yet? Mine are so tight in the instep, I hope they soften up
no i paid for this. next-generation native advertising
I love you and I'm so happy you had such a great trip, and shared it all with us here.
this is probably not a good thing
Thing is this is not the "real" content of the Japan trip, I think; this is almost like liveblogging. Actual articles are coming later. (I think.)
how? wasn't it just being compiled in this thread and saved elsewhere? man what the fuck i read every page of this thread and can't keep up with this shit
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