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isn't this what you do in every fit
The problem is that you think the benchmark you need to reach is "having 0% against 'transvestites'" (which actually means cross-dresser — the people you're discussing are transexuals). The problem is the fact that you think your opinion on transexuals matters, or that you should need to have an opinion at all. Assessing how appealing the appearances of transexuals are in the same post you attempt to vindicate yourself doesn't help matters.Tons of prejudices are rooted in...
if only kanye west had some kind of clout or bargaining power
Wow, that's uh a lot more than I would have expected.
i've become increasingly uncomfortable having "angry transvestite" as a joke title and i think this conversation has kinda sealed the deal for me. @LA Guy can i please have it changed or removed entirely?
god i want those boots
wasn't surprised to see "Location: Berlin." very german goth look
Oh no! Not trannies!
it's adulthood
man, i dunno; i'm dead serious when i say those jeans could be good. these, obviously, aren't. but as SF (and I'm guilty of this myself) has strayed into more serious fashion territory, some of the fun has been lost. i'm happy to see people buy stuff like this
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