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He said "TOJ calfskin," and TOJ has never used pebble calf before.
Telling you that something is bad and that you should avoid it is constructive, IMO. To expect more than that requires a higher baseline.
Terrible. Lose the jeans, too.
To anyone who hadn't signed up for the newsletter yet, you can see the first Pitti issue here.
glad to see you picked up a third pair of those boots regis
I can't tell if Moo's trolling is just too next-level for me or if he actually feels victimized by people calling out his intentionally shitty behaviour as shitty.
It might be a reasonable thing to ask if Moo was actually interested (rather than just being a jerk) and Rosenrot were actually posting here. Of course, crucially, it doesn't matter — were the clothes not fitting to her lifestyle, she would probably not be wearing them.
I prefer YKK Excella to Riri, or anything else I've handled for that matter.
this is the most masterfully constructed joke i've ever read. question marks make it
You're such a piece of shit.
New Posts  All Forums: