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yes, it's jun
God, I keep wearing to wear yellow. And blue.
refund queue? ?? ?? ????? ?
junhashimoto inner riders
don't let sinnedk see them
Incongruity is a legitimate basis for a good look. Saying slim has to go with slim, and loose with loose, is really ... well, previous-level.
what makes them appear to be purely creative? saying that guidi is a creative endeavour strikes me as particularly odd; they're a tannery who decided to make some pretty uninspired designs in order to take business from their own customers
better pics of these shoes, please?
That boot is a reissue from a few seasons ago, exclusive to Essence. The white coating wears off over time to leave a glossy black. Personally, I don't like the toebox much. @jwalterweather, Alterfate and River Nagano didn't pick them up, so your only hope is likely an international stockist ...
They just look like uglier Timberlands.
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