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honestly awesome.
why do you americans have to change every word that comes from britain
It's true I'm not in a position to buy them right now, considering I just got my KKA guidi boots. But it's also true that winter is soon. I live in Quebec. Winter comes swiftly.
I'm a 43; not looking to buy right now, though. Winter is almost here so I'd never have the chance to wear them in the salt and snow :') Thanks though.
Size 3 would probably be OK, I'm a 43 and wore Size 2 with no issues.
For your style, I like the Geller most. :') But of course, I lean towards the Attachment coat ... There's also this one, which is a bit longer and lacks the more traditional details: http://www.essence-web.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=12253
this is reminding me of when i almost bought a pair of burgundy lanvin high-tops wow
but awesome
It would be decently warm, I think. Until 0 degrees celsius it would probably be OK. I'm just judging based on what I know about the materials and construction.
I love every color of this coat.
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