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You realize I don't work for Attachment ...?Anyway, I'm not sure this jacket could be considered similar to Stooges, unless the only criteria is that its a double-rider:
Yeah SL leather jackets are totally overpriced, unlike RO
I really miss having floral prints.
I think a little bit of contrast is better!
http://www.ladmusician.com/webshop/products/detail.php?product_id=2214106&color=1Maybe not your size though ...
sf is, as always, nuanced in its discussions of gender
Those pants also come in a cool mixed blue color! If anyone wants to see the catalogue, please PM me. Unfortunately I can't facilitate pre-orders this time around, but you can organize your own pre-order after viewing the items.
they don't delete posts, learn to read
missed your chance dude, should've listened to me :')
nobody's telling you not to drink milk jesus fucking christ
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