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peak lapel fur collar is the nextest-level. zenith-level
duuuuuude this is great. never wanted to see one of your fits in a single shot so badly
I'm not advocating for living in a literal pile of feces, I just don't get the big deal if someone has a messy room in their pic. I wouldn't take a pic in that environment, but I don't think it's a big deal either. Whatever.
lol @ dude who has to pay someone to clean his fucking house for him complaining about anyone else's
both are to be avoided
i have no idea what this could mean
I always wonder about the "clean your room" comments; is there an assumption that people who like nice clothes are clean or "nice" in every other aspect of their lives? I live like a garbage-kun
this rules and cleaning your room would wreck it
those look really bad to me. elastic gore on a low-cut shoe + that toe cap? eugh
you're a pretty boring hedonist
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