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Have I somehow never been clear on how and where to buy KKA boots? I feel like you've asked me this several times before ... 43 is a normal size and is stocked regularly. These are the boots in the SS15 collection. If you're looking for side-zips or 6-hole boots, please wait until the AW16 collection drops in July.
God, no. Kept them at the office through the winter and only wore them inside. Too much salt in Montreal.
literally what are you saying
Speaking of KKA, here are some not-so-great pics of mine after eight months of daily wear.
what makes you say that?
This is a legitimately great idea.
They do sole replacement services, so I suspect this is possible. I will ask my contact.
Forever regret skipping the heels.
I wonder if there will even be two Size 44 pairs in all of Japan. :') We will have a preorder for KKA SS16.
If Moo is allowed to be here, Miran should be made a moderator
New Posts  All Forums: