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how can you guys watch these videos? i can't. i can't do it. my lungs seize up and i just cover my mouth and
Literally no company you buy anything from is making the "best product possible" without considering cost. This is unrealistic.
goodbye again sf
i was there to interview her, not fuck her. http://harajuju.net/Topic-Misako-Aoki-The-Interview the comments made were really vulgar and inappropriate. i'm not looking to rehash this issue, and i'm not sure why you brought it up again.
your recollection of what happened is slightly warped.
a single sentence written by rosenrot is more valuable than the culmination of every post you've ever made, and you've reduced her to "hot asian chick"
I don't think the fur on the DR was ever really an "option" – me and unicornprincess are just special.
you are literally my hero.
what are these?
New Posts  All Forums: