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Digimon Tamers
I don't think Eva is "deep" — the symbolism in the series is largely aesthetic, and it bares most of its messages on its sleeve — but I think it's meaningful, and notable for how brazenly Anno bares his soul and suffering through a medium that doesn't typically tolerate such honesty. I'll probably write something on Eva soon.
Actually, anyone who names themselves conceptual 4est should probably watch Evangelion as soon as possible.
Evangelion fails only in being a comprehensible plot; in terms of being an authorial stream of consciousness it's about as good as it gets. If unresolved plot points frustrate you, don't watch Eva.I'm not sure I'd recommend it to beginners, unless you're feeling incredibly open-minded. The other suggestions just posted here are all pretty good.
what happens if someone has an order in the queue but isn't obsessively reading this thread?
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I agree, but I also think I am only now at the point in my life where I could really appreciate it. I became interested after watching the comedy-drama Blue Blazes, in which Hideaki Anno is a character. I then watched a video where he instructed a class of elementary students, and was moved to tears by his honesty. Ultimately, I am more interested in Evangelion's creator than I am in Evangelion itself. Tonight, End of Evangelion.
I finished Neon Genesis Evangelion last night and my life has been irrevocably altered.
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