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Incongruity is a legitimate basis for a good look. Saying slim has to go with slim, and loose with loose, is really ... well, previous-level.
what makes them appear to be purely creative? saying that guidi is a creative endeavour strikes me as particularly odd; they're a tannery who decided to make some pretty uninspired designs in order to take business from their own customers
better pics of these shoes, please?
That boot is a reissue from a few seasons ago, exclusive to Essence. The white coating wears off over time to leave a glossy black. Personally, I don't like the toebox much. @jwalterweather, Alterfate and River Nagano didn't pick them up, so your only hope is likely an international stockist ...
They just look like uglier Timberlands.
i'm inclined to believe you, since you're an expert in questionable stylistic decisions
i always imagined it as Final Fantasy Tactics x Harvest Moon crossover
I can't believe there are people who don't think Farm Tactics is a great name
don't get my hopes up like that
you could just go to their fucking website [[SPOILER]]
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