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uh i'm cool with having a brick behind my tv stand versus having a system that's 25% biggeri don't have a wii u yet but seems inevitable
OK, but can anyone really elaborate on what they mean when they say that the shirt should be an inch longer? It's totally a matter of personal preference, like pretty much everything discussed here.Like, to me, this is the highest praise imaginable (and I certainly wouldn't apply it to either endorphinz or Isolation).
They're not the same design. Also, they cost at least twice as much.
Friendly reminder that this closes tomorrow night! This is a really cool collection, so let me know if you'd like to see it.
I love redc2
yes. they are inherently damaged goods
endorphinz hair length is good but it looks pretty damaged. get some argan oil on that asap
the dichotomy between "work" and "TOJ stuff" says it all
elastic gores are so gross. all chelsea boots would look better with zippers
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