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best benes fit and best SVB fit back-to-back
where can i buy a cool, giant safety pin
Those look pretty stunning
I sold all my floral shirts and now I wish I had at least one.
Kpop stars dress like kunk did a few years ago
you guys are so mean-spirited
i can't believe you could read a post that says "stop fucking with styleforum. stop fucking with me" and believe a single sentence of it is genuine
ok fuck this. kunk, you are easily the most dedicated internet troll i've ever witnessed. you put monsieur moo to shame. there's no way, no fucking way, that after spending the better part of a decade posting pictures of yourself on the internet, you have not managed to get any better at it, nor have your photos improve over roughly the curve of the progress in photo imaging technologies. this is fucked up, stop fucking with styleforum. stop fucking with me
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is my favourite miranpost
You're correct, but that's on Drew, not Charly (who, it's worth remembering, is not even being paid for his work at this point).
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