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i can see how you might think that — i once did, too — but you're wrong and they rule
TOJ fit xpost
Hat: Iroquois Jacket: TOJ Bag: 5351 Pour les Hommes Shirt: Lad Musician Pants: Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment Boots: Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment
then don't use the word poor dude wtf
Why would you put a 1-foot-tall shelf in that tiny corridor
It isn't easy, but it's not prohibitively difficult. Amazon Japan works just like Amazon and you can even switch the UI to English. Yahoo Japan is kinda ugly and awkward but works like any other auction site, really.
holy, that wjk leather is beautiful. (and that model vs. wjk's own model really shows that styling is everything)
I agree. KKA is seriously slept-on here.
I just clean them with Saphir Renovateur every month or two (including just before I took these pics).
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