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but ... but there are five zippers
Krish is right.
what's wrong with preordering?
i like the glasses. you look really good.
http://rule.shop-pro.jp/?mode=cate&cbid=970455&csid=0 http://ameblo.jp/junhashimoto/ http://www.avenue-jp.com/?mode=cate&cbid=519653&csid=0 http://www.ivory-store.com/products/list.php?brand=88 http://www.global-websystem.net/wgcart/main.php?PPPID8=e9d6efc514216b9a3e7ac9adae4a4b4f&s0=20007B253301&p=0&v=10&g1=004000000000000&a=0&f=0&g0=#a_top http://www.idheart.net/products/list745.html
There's a world of difference between what Zara does and what you're describing above, and I'm sure you know that.
My first and only order came out perfectly, thankfully u_u
I love this dude. I wish I liked his clothes more, but they're often just too conservative for me. That black shirt seems really cool though, as does the jewelry. The leathers are incredible ... that orange. Could I recommend that you bold your lines for easier reading?
white ones are really cool
selling a spot for a non-MTM product that was promised with like a one-month turnaround
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