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baller sneakers are over. used up all the good designs already
i both actually for-real hope drew feels ok while also laughing at the irony of drew getting the runaround from someone
let's see yours
it must suck to get the runaround from some dude who owes you stuff
What's with the sleeves? Different material?
Guerilla Group
I do drink stuff from them often, it's at pretty much every grocery store here haha But I'm still new to beer, so I find it difficult to drink much.
Haha, it doesn't match with my own vision of myself, either. It's very recent and typically I was vehemently opposed to anything that might inebriate me. On the other hand, the pains of adulthood become more apparent every day, damnit.
yes. did you watch kamen rider gaim?
1. in-jokes about fashion kinda make sense here2. sounds like it would be right up your alley
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