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i'm sorry you had to find out this way
what's that last one? those barrett boots are indeed cool
treating fashion as a freeform exercise with a spectrum of quality rather than an adherence to convention strikes me as an objectively better viewpoint, but ymmv this is shuitsang and his girl getting married and it looks awesome (also ccp tornadoes with a suit strikes me as making a ton of sense)
It's more like I have an encyclopedic knowledge for how to find things :')Sure, I can ask him! The strap leads me to believe they're some kind of engineer boot. Maybe Backlash? We'll see.
This kind of attitude — that there are types of items that there are universally "bad", and that there's one aesthetic baseline which most or all should adhere to — is pretty common from novices. Surprised that after all this time you would still think like that, though.
hello friend(just found a hole in that shirt though )
so tacky and terrible but i really want a shirt that says "YOHJI YAMAMOTO EVANGELION" so I have no idea what to do
release this as-is
look at yourselves. look at what you've let this turn you into
I really liked some of the pieces in the FW preview but not really the aesthetic direction overall.
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