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sadly it's a skype session.
please give me $250 so i can have a 1-hour style session and record it and post it
please help me get onto the alpha m project
lol at showing my body off to attract females. i just rub a tiny bit of semen behind my ears like a normal person
I'll feel a lot better that I was able to help someone get a good deal, at least :')
Kumagai Guidi boots, size 43, ¥29,000 starting price with a buyout of ¥50,000. Almost-new condition. More than a little mad that I just paid ¥100,000 new for these ... http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m123743658
It's possible, though it depends on the model. Super-slim stuff is not in fashion as much as it used to be ...
do you have a permit for those guns?
I dunno. No Guidi this season.
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