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Synth, that KKA coat looks great on you! I hope you'll post something in-depth for Attachment m(_ _)m I have to come with you next time. let's make it happen.
Oh, yeah. Sorry, I agree with you there Definitely should not be done until Drew can keep the inputs private.
Me too. That's why I say so. How much was each email address worth? And what would they have been worth had they not actually opted-in to receive any communication?It's an unreasonable concern. Not to mention that Drew already has your email addresses.
no it's not omg. your email address is literally worthless
I feel like a "pyjama shirt" should be the furthest thing from tight.
shut up
omg the mr sparkle shirt. i can't believe you wear that in japan
idk how you can find that crazy toe shape boring
that dries suit looks great and easy to wear to me? not really that whimsical
my guess is that that would be exactly the kind of thing posted in this thread were there any such updates
New Posts  All Forums: