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it isn't bad, i bet it looks a lot better worn than just hanging there
tony that looks good but the sweater is kinda tight
I already have this, though ...And can't afford the Devoa, anyway :')
are there entire months where it doesn't rain in socal?
please sinnedk, acknowledge me, acknowledge my worth. this is the only thing i've ever wanted it's embarrassing that you'd expect a retailer to skim their margins because of a manufacturing delay that's entirely out of their control, and to say it's "just good customer service" for them to do so.
either way, your comment about him giving an A1923 discount is absurd and tone-deaf.
hahahahah talk about a losing game
OTOH, this is awesome:
do whatever makes you happy. blossom into the beautiful bell-shaped flower you've always wanted to be
nn i don't think the bell-shaped coat works with anything i've seen you wear, sorry man. it's way too aristocratic.
New Posts  All Forums: