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These are totally different styles of shoes. It depends on the rest of your clothing.
I have to wonder if people who don't think that there's a correlation between money and freedom have ever been poor? There's a huge correlation, but I guess it depends how you define freedom. For me, freedom is not having to worry if my basic necessities will be met next week; being able to grab a bite with friends without stressing over a $20 bill; being able to take a small trip to do something I enjoy. It's not a freedom I had until recently having been able to forge my...
Will post androgyny challenge if you're OK with it, then.
hahaha, i'm doubtful anyone thought i was serious
I can't imagine that many people here would be interested in it
They're raw leather; they darken over time.
the apron is too long and flat to look fashiony tbh
i want this
first for sure
dress like you'd like a girl to dress
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