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wow you're kind of a dick
I don't understand any of the words you just wrote, so I guess I'll keep bringing them to the cobbler.
Yeah, I will probably do this. Just need to buy some + a tiny hammer. :')
I might do this, but they're so fucking annoying.
I've worn down the heel and heel-tap of my KKA boots in like three months, can tell this is gonna get annoying really fast. But the leather looks cool so I'm reluctant to increase the amount of rubber on the heel.
ok but kids don't sniff around your body while you're fucking (i think)
this is the most emotionally resonant thing i've ever read
Ignore lists are great for individual users, but bad for communities in general:If the general rule of thumb is to ignore a particular user — as is the case with Mr. Moo, whose sole role (and he just admitted as such) is to be a shit disturber, that user should just be kicked out of the community.
ugh, this is me
Always nice to see more of this brand, thanks for posting stuff!
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