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I think it's worth contacting Hender Scheme if you want a bigger size. "Can you make this in size 11" is not the same as making a custom shoe.
Don't make me dig out my Tornado Mart cardigan and Buffalo Bobs jeans.
wow i hate you (great pick-ups)
lmao at a bunch of dudes on a fashion forum chastising others for wanting something cool and wanting it now
can't say those fears are entirely unfounded. onus is on toj to keep communicating what's happening; rampant speculation is on them, imo
Most overseas stockists don't pick up the footwear, that's all. Incarnation does indeed do very little footwear, which we can all be thankful for.
pretty sure those are returned/undeliverable boxes.
How does Backlash "not really do footwear"? They release a fair amount of shoes. More than KKA.
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