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Every time someone is going to Japan on SF people beg them to proxy stuff for them, even though there are countless relatively simple ways to order stuff directly from Japan. I don't get it.
I take 43, sadly, or else they would be mine.
10/10 nicelynice your coat is great already
I've actually been thinking a lot about the "megathread" format that this forum and many others — including myself — have ended up falling into. I don't think it really happened intentionally, just organically over time, but I do think it stifles discussion and it's something I'm wondering how to address. Anyway, I will find a way to make sure that anyone who's interested in Japanese pre-orders can be notified.
I did for Attachment. Should've done it for Iroquois too, but it feels like a weird way to use a forum ...
No pre-sale discounts.That's insane and discouraging, but at least I know that now.Would a mailing list to subscribe to new pre-orders be something you'd find interesting?
judging by how everything in that pic fits you, i'd guess that the pants you buy online all being "too tight" have to do with you not knowing what size you are
Yup: http://www.styleforum.net/t/478218/pre-order-iroquois-2015aw-with-mercury-japan-closes-may-5th/0_50 Thinking of a better way to make sure everyone can know about these if we continue doing them regularly.
Yep. http://www.iroquois.jp/I organized a FW2015 pre-order but only one person ordered anything :') Great collection though.
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