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I was really underwhelmed with the SLP when I saw it in their SoHo store. It had a very "dry" texture, and there were already prominent wrinkles in the hide. The one above certainly looks better, so perhaps just an issue with that particular one I saw.
Is the baller boot thread really any better than the Alden thread?
Old logo!
wow people will believe whatever bullshit you post in this thread
I'm disappointed that Drew has lacked the good business sense to monetize this whole disaster. Why doesn't he allow you to move further up in the queue on a sliding scale? Move up 10 spots for $100, 20 spots for $200, etc ... surely, most people would be appalled that Drew would have the nerve to do this. And they'd be justified, of course, but so what? What could anyone possibly do to him now? And so whatever amount of people pay to move up in the queue, that's pure...
maybe, but still doesn't justify such an extreme reaction, especially from a business owner towards clients who are only trying to help in earnest
to be fair, the thread is about non-genetically modified clothing :')
It's St-Laurent Blvd. in Montreal.
s-senpai ... I did post this before, but otherwise yes.
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