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In case you missed it, the Devoa SS16 pre-order is now open. Sizes 1–5 are available:
Teaming up with Mercury once again to offer a pre-order to all Styleforum members, and this time around it’s Devoa’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection. A much sportier and somewhat less severe collection than recent ones, it’s also eminently more wearable. Want to see the collection? If you're interested in seeing the collection and potentially ordering, send me a private message as soon as possible. Sizes 1–5 (34–42/44–52) are available. Pre-Order Agreement 1. You...
I like Excella more.
It's not gendered?Lorcan is also pretty? And me???
She's so pretty Great style!
Devoa SS16 pre-order with Mercury coming later tonight.
imagine if up was down! left was right! context ceases to exist, and every social power dynamic is turned on its head! the matriarchy finally arrives
so basically people who are exactly like sf users except they like different brands? got it
ahh glad to see the trickle of jackets wasn't enough to keep this thread from descending into vitriol
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