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who could have ever predicted regis and i engaged in a digital fistbump over his outfit
nah, the tee is not good. i dunno if it's just the length but it's giving the illusion of a belly where there isn't one. and not sure the deep neckline works with that jacket
Glad you're into it, man. Shame the lookbook wasn't published anywhere yet — hopefully will be before week's end!
styleforum is objectively improved by weird looks, even if they're bad (and I don't think that one is). a lack of weirdness leads to homogeny, and the last thing anyone needs is a return to the days of W+H/APC/Clarks
lol love whenever someone criticizes something conservative and people jump out of the woodwork to whine about how NOBODY SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THIS WEIRD-LOOKING KID
that's what they get for naming it the "daredevil"
The price will be the Japanese MSRP for everyone.
For Attachment's 2015AW collection, I'm working with Mercury Japan to organize a Styleforum pre-order. There are no publicly available images of the collection yet, and I can't share the images provided by Mercury publicly. I will say that the collection is obviously more relaxed than Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment 2015AW, but not any less interesting. There's tons of layered, street-ready looks that evoke subtle military and heritage vibes. Want to see the collection?...
they're deerskin
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