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this guy's totally not into fashion, just look at all these brands he likes! and these sneakers he designed!
If only his interest in clothing was as legitimate as yours
omg. you're a middled aged mom. i knew it
I of course think the m_moria ones look exponentially better, but it's impossible to look at how similar they superficially appear and not laugh at the astronomical price difference.
wrong thread
Mine is still my treasure.
Bewildering that Drew can't muster up the courage to include an apology in any of his posts. Or maybe he just thinks everyone is being unreasonable?
is variety inherently superior to consistency and variation? this seems weirdly nit-picky to meit's one thing if you think someone's execution is off, but complaining about fits that are totally outside of your wheelhouse is bewildering to me
great necklace! pegasis is one of my fav beyblades too
That's exactly how I felt about it, too. Would be a nice week!
New Posts  All Forums: