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Wow, this really makes me realize just how elevated the level of knowledge and passion here is versus 5 years ago.
hahahahahhahahaha incredible
No lining!
ok but what if they made a shoe in super-distressed horse
Interesting to see pretty much everyone come around on m_moria (price notwithstanding), perhaps it was just too ahead of its time at first :') (Or everyone was too hung up on Carpe)
will washing them at all — even hand-washing them — fuck them up, though? I think I'm more worried about the washing than the drying.
only "a little much" for the thing you really want is a good deal — especially if it's pretty much sold out everywhere
After the relative success of the Attachment pre-order, I asked Mercury if they'd let me organize a pre-order for a brand that does not have much recognition outside of Japan — Iroquois. Inspired by the Amish (!) and the M. Night Shyamalan's The Village (!?), the collection has a rich and saturated colour palette, with beautiful construction details and fabric treatments. Want to see the collection? If you're interested in seeing the collection and potentially ordering,...
So, I have a pair of Kazuyuki Kumagai wool/cashmere (85/15) pants that have become pretty misshapen over time — in particular, the fabric has developed bags along the kneecap and the back of the thigh. The weave has become noticeably stretched out when held up to light through those areas and the seat, as well. I was thinking that maybe washing them and then putting them on a gentle cycle in the dryer could tighten the weave again, but I'm worried about changing the hand...
New Posts  All Forums: