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Those look great! (Not the Guidi ...)
Obviously. Nn please get them and wear them with bell-coat
those still have the circular heel
amazing in a world where we have boots dipped in melted boots, boots with prosthetic implants sticking out of them, boots with extra treaded soles stuck to themsome of you are freaked out by an extra inch of heel height
Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment – Guidi Vitello Fiore Heel Boots
wrong thread
why do you need a guideline for your own measurements
The paint will fade and the fabric will show through a bit, but it's not going to come close to totally coming off or anything. Just slightly less vibrant.
Moo how can you deride the quality of this thread and then post this irrelevant bullshit here? Start a fucking blog
was this the one snowman had when we all met up?
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