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lol this is way worse than the dayton thread ever was
I definitely think the gender dichotomy is there, but I would get the 38mm (of course, I have tiny wrists). That said, I don't have any desire to wear any kind of watch and the Apple Watch isn't likely to change that for me.
ummm is there any way that isn't a weed pocketespecially after seeing the designer
lol ok dude shoes are for your feet not your arms so it's obviously not an arm lmao
It's the fucking leather, dudes. You're not going to find leather this nice with a "fashion" jacket for under 1k, period. Asking why people are trying to get blood from a stone is a stupid question when they paid for the fucking stone already.
that's a fucked-up looking leg
Hi all, I won't be able to facilitate pre-orders this season. Please contact your stockist if you are interested.
this is one of my favourite looks ever
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