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No idea, sorry — I would say at that price for Guidi leather, you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal, anyway ... Some stuff I want is already sold out T_T lol
Doing limited 1-day pre-order for Kazuyuki Kumagai SS16, click for more information or PM me for catalogue access and order information. Since it seems like they want to keep doing these, I'll find a better way of communicating so I don't need to keep spamming the forum.
Hey guys — the Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment SS16 lookbook is up on Fashion Press and, coincidentally, I have the opportunity to do a very limited pre-order for it in collaboration with Mercury Japan. This is only open for one day, so please PM me right away! Sizes 1-4 available, 30% payment due up front.
seems crazy to me to penny-pinch on shirts to fit with your $2000 boots
it's almost certainly moderated
The Devoa SS16 pre-order has been extended until July 23rd. Feel free to message me if you want to check it out!
Please note the pre-order period has been extended until July 23rd
I suspect he got it from my tumblr lol I don't have the suit, but I do have these:
I too am appalled that these online stores that don't obligate me to buy from them would dare to enact policies that allow them to remain in business
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