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Funny you should bring up both the symbolism of coccoons and armor. In the hit 1995 anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, the armor of the titular Evangelions is not actually armor at all, but instead,
please take your toaster oven discussion to the dedicated "How do you cook YOUR bread?" thread
lol a perfect closer to this conversation
For what it's worth, I really appreciate the dialog Fok, and in particular I find your ideas about community management (and the stats! post more stats! I'd love to know the breakdown between CM Vs. SWD using certain features) really fascinating. That said, encouraging me to post in forums that are frequented more commonly by CMers is a bit like asking me to become an active participant in the comments section of a Yahoo article.
I would argue that in this analogy, SWD is the record store and Random Fashion Thoughts is a pile of records with treasures buried within.Styleforum is the mall which contains it.
lol @ subscribing to threads would love to know what percentage of the userbase is doing that with any regularity, and in which ways they are using that system
please understand that the opinions of the Styleforum Zipper Committee do not necessarily reflect the opinions of their constituents
wait are you talking about me or hirsh
how the hell do those shoes still look brand new
in a forum that allows hirsh to run amok i should be able to post about anime wherever the fuck i want
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