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never forget
My KKA boots have YKK Excella and they're the easily the nicest zippers I've ever handled, including the Riri on my bag.
I really didn't like the movie as much as the book. A lot of the most incredible scenes were cut out.
I think it's more like this picture does the cardigan too much justice.
If stores don't order it, they won't make it.
Dude, it's terrible. Look at all the ugly puckering on the leather, the shitty zippers, the aborted flap pocket, the wimpy hem. Just awful.
You can probably get someone else to fix it, you know.
that thing is so atrocious. wow
on the subject of great writing, please read this piece i wrote about Pizza PocketsĀ®, skeuomorphism, and the horrible darkness that dwells within us all
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