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this is so fucking cool
Was wondering just yesterday if Charly was really being paid for this. Guess that answers that.
this whole thing could collapse on top of me at any moment! maybe it's a load-bearing image
a little alarming to hear that changing a forum banner is so time-consuming that it needs to be prioritized
Smoke's is indeed an established Canadian chain but I don't think it's good. Certainly probably better than anything else you'll find though.It's a photo of myself with Japanese model Midori Fukasawa. I don't know why Moo decided to use it as his avatar.EDIT: Oh, he changed it. Good.
please change your avatar
we can if you want, but i can assure you i'm insufferable. i can get you good poutine at least.
i am amazed that this is a thing you would "love" to do
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