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there are lots of good reasons to not really like hirsh's posts but this isn't one of them
not saying your conversation wasn't interesting.
Yes, but if the person doesn't want to change, it's pointless. See: tagutcow.
who cares if he's found a brand he likes and wants to keep buying from it? there are lots of different ways to be interested in fashion – a lot of people are brand agnostic, and a lot of people are very obsessed with just one or two brands. one approach isn't any more or less legitimate than the other.
critiquing someone for enjoying an aesthetic you don't think is ideal – versus them aiming for a specific aesthetic but missing the mark – seems pretty fruitless.
please bring photos of me to your hairdresser, or your parents and just say "check this guy out"
what's even the point of that post
just realized those are two different outfits. either that or the sleeves are cut-out in the back
I have literally been fantasizing about a collarless ULD ever since I got mine. I am so happy about this.
"fashion is like art––every palette is different" what?
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