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ugh you are the worst variety of forum poster
uh, i'm pretty sure he's from america, either adopted parents or half (I think the former but not the kind of intimate fact I want to commit to without verification)either way this is a stupid theory
currently mulling the same thing
Always disagree with the "buy grails + Uniqlo basics" advice, particularly if you're wearing basics as anything other than an underlayer. A nice t-shirt/cut-sew is always going to elevate a look over something cheap.
Is that intentional or are they just wrecked? Looks bad either way
It's also true in Japan, FWIW, but it doesn't matter since he'd be insane to complain to authorities that customers are calling him mean things because he stole their money
I guess, but the chance of anything like this happening is zero, at this point. At this point, I think there's only two actual options you have:Harass this guy to the end of the earthAssume your jacket is never coming, and be pleasantly surprised if it does
now's a good time to visit the toj thread if you want a laugh
Dude, this is fucked up, what the hell are you thinking? You've had people's money for years and have not made a good-faith effort to deliver people's jackets in a timely fashion or even communicate honestly and openly about the process and its delays.Now you're not only complaining about being slandered, you're literally threatening people with further delays if they approach the situation in any way you deem undesirable, while promising to bump people who play along with...
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