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dude come on, you have to know better than this by now
That looks pretty nice. Good neckline.
No? I brought it up because you brought it up? I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of your posting history.
how desperate do you have to be to frame drew adopting a beagle as a bad thing
What if China had the best manufacturing capabilities for that particular piece? Likewise, what if the vision for a piece requires a synthetic material? Obviously, synthetics is usually cheaper than natural fabrics and manufacturing in China is usually cheaper than manufacturing domestically, but I think it's weird to just cast aside huge swaths of great clothes over such trivialities.
I'm sincerely sorry if I said something unjustifiably rude to you in the past — something which wouldn't surprise me, unfortunately. I'm obviously not an exceedingly gentle person, but I do try to generally do good. I try to own up to what I do wrong, but obviously I am not perfect and will continue to do and say things I will regret until the day I am dead. That said, my last post in the Contentedness topic was this: Which strikes me as kind of snarky, but not...
glad to see that even though i've aged and matured, some things really do stay the same
I don't like the cuffed jeans with the rest of this look, but otherwise everything's great
hahahaha did you buy a ring and a t-shirt with a picture of the same ring on it
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