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im just saying it's not that much weirder than being able to buy guns at a walmart
i honestly think nicelynice might be beyond reproach
Definitely need a service. I don't know a ton about Taobao, sadly.
well, yes. but it could've been just one zipper, like on any other boot.
it's still great when sober but best when simultaneously drunk and high edit: wow this isn't the right place to post this
I always thought the purpose of having two zippers was to allow you to tuck into the boots and leave it open a bit.
YES??? My new place is two blocks from some of the best poutine I've ever eaten.
You are objectively not ready to buy CCP boots. What on earth would you wear them with?(Also, do you really want to spend 1–2k+ on boots?)
Well, it's not like I'd wear them, either. But they work really well for his style.
i can't tell if either of you are praising them or making fun of themi think they're cool
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