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clover has some serious marshmallow-man effect
don't make assumptions like that
what happened to your cooler pants and shoes edit: "try-on" oops, sorry
Literally what I just acknowledged that I need to correct. Your first comment was enough.
It's a terribly designed site.
It's my fault. I assumed the shopping function of FJ was explanatory, since it's literally just pasting the item URL into a field and submitting the form. Clearly I need to be more precise. Thanks for reading!
Please post fit pics! Love that thing.
Thanks, Fok. Since I'm not a representative of FromJapan I didn't want to delve too much into "documentation/instruction manual" territory, but that may be what people need. It's true that FJ's UX is garbage, and I'm testing another service now with far-superior UX that might supplant FromJapan in my guide soon.
I guess my article needs some improvements if it wasn't clear what to do ...
New Posts  All Forums: