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Sure, I've been meaning to take some pics! I'll post soon!
I've been wearing my KKA sidezips 6-7 days per week.
grailed needs a copywriter. also, toj thread has reached peak insanity as people are now selling their spots in order to buy other spots that are further ahead in the queue
zips, NN
The right answer would have been, "Yes, all of the orders will be fulfilled. They have been delayed because [x]."There are no reasons being given for these delays, and Drew is planning to fulfill them, which sounds very uncertain. This wording implies that there is some circumstance that potentially could prevent them from fulfilling the orders. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it, but it's a very strange message.
Jab please repost this look with a printed shirt and eyeshadow.
"Drew is planning on fulfilling the orders" is very scary wording.
People have been waiting over 60 weeks for jackets. Staff is not giving any communication. Common suspicion is that they've run out of money, perhaps because it was used to fund Drew's restaurant Libertine. Considering Drew did a fundraiser for his restaurant by selling daypacks and wallets which were supposed to be delivered in June, it's not an unreasonable theory. All of this is hearsay, though.
The answer is Timberlands.
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