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The right answer would have been, "Yes, all of the orders will be fulfilled. They have been delayed because [x]."There are no reasons being given for these delays, and Drew is planning to fulfill them, which sounds very uncertain. This wording implies that there is some circumstance that potentially could prevent them from fulfilling the orders. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it, but it's a very strange message.
Jab please repost this look with a printed shirt and eyeshadow.
"Drew is planning on fulfilling the orders" is very scary wording.
People have been waiting over 60 weeks for jackets. Staff is not giving any communication. Common suspicion is that they've run out of money, perhaps because it was used to fund Drew's restaurant Libertine. Considering Drew did a fundraiser for his restaurant by selling daypacks and wallets which were supposed to be delivered in June, it's not an unreasonable theory. All of this is hearsay, though.
The answer is Timberlands.
If Drew had anything to say, he would've posted it for sure. Silence means there is no legitimate reason for this. I personally considered Drew and his story of starting Toj and moving on to open a restaurant as a huge inspiration. This is so, so sad.
It's pretty common to refer to outfits as "coordinates" in English-language Japanese fashion communities. Pretty much every lolita I know refers to their looks as "coordinates." Of course, that might have to do with the fact that item coordination in that style is crucial.
I'm fairly thin and wear pretty skinny clothes but I find the KKA boots work pretty well. I also find the shaft fairly narrow, no issues with skinny pants yet. In fact I find the stacking around the shaft to be pretty good. I'm pretty biased since I'm both an Attachment fanboy and a disliker of Guidi designs, though. If you do go KKA, I would recommend true to size, as well. That's what NN told me and it turned out to be exactly right.
this is, somehow, way worse than i would have expected
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