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If anyone wants to order anything now based on these pictures, it's possible I can submit it in time. Please contact me ASAP.
jesus no
I am that pretty.
please keep reporting moo's shitposting
I'm not that petty.Definitely would describe the fit as TTS, with a fairly tight instep. Not many places to buy right now, but will be all over the place for AW2015.
My jacket drapes like that sometimes, particularly between the shoulder and the lapels. I personally find it accentuates the "fabric-like" draping qualities of the leather, so I enjoy it.
you realize moo is the one who started this shit, right? he's literally the hater who is hating
In case anyone might have missed it, I'm currently organizing a pre-order with Mercury Japan for Attachment's AW2015 collection. I can't share the collection publicly, and no fashion sites have published the lookbook yet, but it's a pretty solid collection and you might regret not checking it out. Especially if you're a size 4 or 5, because you'll never find any of the pieces in your size. :') I'm doing this solely on a volunteer basis, so I would appreciate your support!
this looks awesome. i have no idea what it is
Drew has nothing to gain by responding since this thread has shown that people basically have zero options other than to wait or sell their spot.
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