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blast from the past in the best way
I can't imagine wearing all-white boots ... maybe with black laces ...
This board is fucking pathetic. You guys are grown-ass adults.
Those Julius boots rule; I love the weirdness of the Julius shape combined with the more conservative materials and overall design.
Not every jacket has to be for you, you know. It's totally cool to acknowledge the positive traits of things you have no interest in. It's totally cool to take an interest in a jacket's functionality even if your top priority is fashion.I say this only because you seem to interject your personal opinion into every single discussion, whether or not it's warranted. And of course, a community like this is a place for sharing your opinions! But you shouldn't ignore context,...
You would need to use a shopping service who's comfortable asking such a question, but I would say that the chances of your offer being accepted are pretty slim. Breaking up the set could damage its value dramatically.Which suit is it?
The floral pattern makes it even better, definite yes
it was -30 here yesterday
too cold for this shit
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