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there is a big world of stylish people outside of SF
This might be true in terms of personal development, but in terms of clothes, it doesn't matter if you "grow" or not. All of this stuff is inconsequential and ultimately meaningless. The only real measure of value is if you're deriving enjoyment out of it or not.
One of the reasons I left SF (and stopped shopping for clothes for a long time) was that I realized the obsession with novelty was expensive and unhealthy. Probably the best thing that's happened to my style is learning to be OK with looking the same most of the time.
I went through a horrible depression, my girlfriend of six years dumped me, and I lost twenty pounds. On the other hand I can fit into these amazing pants spacepope sent me now and I'm dating someone cooler and nicer. :'D Thanks!Finally my contributions are acknowledged
Iroquois / Kiryuyrik / Kazuyuki Kumagai / Number (N)ine / Ann Demeulemeester
Looks great
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