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It's pretty common to refer to outfits as "coordinates" in English-language Japanese fashion communities. Pretty much every lolita I know refers to their looks as "coordinates." Of course, that might have to do with the fact that item coordination in that style is crucial.
I'm fairly thin and wear pretty skinny clothes but I find the KKA boots work pretty well. I also find the shaft fairly narrow, no issues with skinny pants yet. In fact I find the stacking around the shaft to be pretty good. I'm pretty biased since I'm both an Attachment fanboy and a disliker of Guidi designs, though. If you do go KKA, I would recommend true to size, as well. That's what NN told me and it turned out to be exactly right.
this is, somehow, way worse than i would have expected
The state of the art in internet advertising is not something that AdBlock is going to do anything about.
$60 for a pleather knockoff strikes me as $60 too much.
Nothing good could come of this, for anyone.
That's why no jackets are being made. It's like you're at Starbucks, you're humming-and-hawing about what kind of flavour you want in your calorie-bomb-frappucino and everyone else is waiting impatiently behind you, you piece of shit
What's confusing about this? Women are accused of vanity for simply liking things without purpose. Men generally seek to rationalize their interests.
10.6.8 omg
wonder what % of this thread is snarky comments about coloured shoes
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