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maybe it is, nerd
I dunno. If there's any word I would use to describe fans of Toj, it's patient. Most people seem to just want some kind of assurance that things are moving and that they're going to get their jackets. And honestly, even if it isn't good enough, Drew should say something. The silence over 13 months+ waits is indefensible.
tbh after a year of waiting they should be willing to return funds for jackets that haven't entered production.i've defended drew and the brand many, many times, but this has gotten to be way too much.
I dig the turquoise sneakers.
i can't even articulate when i started finding pants shaped like that cool, it's like if you look at fucked up shit enough you'll eventually be like "yeah they're pretty sick"
THE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND THE INDIVIDUAL PREFERENCES OF MENYou can't even make the fucking excuse of "This is about how I want girls to dress" thread, because it fucking isn't; someone posted a photo of a woman in here and someone's primary criticism was that she doesn't appeal to him sexually. Nobody cares! Noir Rain is loaded, has the world's cutest cat and had lunch with fucking Yohji Yamamoto; she doesn't give a shit if you fucking nerds think she's hot
someone make sure to let 3.5 billion human beings know that their sole goal in life should be to sexually appease jbravo
artishard please only wear this one very specific type of outfit forever
yup. if you want them, better act fast, selling quickly ...
Guidi "Vitello Fiore" 1.6mm calfRiver Nagano has great pics: http://www.river-nagano.com/products/detail.php?product_id=3774
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