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What I meant was the videos give you a good enough idea of how the fabrics are moving IMO. But to see further detail you just go and peep the pics. It's a weird set up but I think it works. It can be better but not by much. It gives you a good idea
Does it really matter? Now fashion and style have detailed shots/HD pics
The styling is very lazy/drug look...so I wouldn't think skinny jeans which would look sharp on the models would really complete the look
Kurt cobain collection lol
Yes, sold separately
It's coming out just not with the pins on it
Just go down 1 or 2 at most. Personally I normally can't size down because I have bigger thighs from running track. So even if waist are big, I can't get the denim to go that far up lol so just gotta deal with it. I'm sure you'll be fine with 30 or 31
A 28 and you normally buy 32?No
Need to see normal stock pics first
Personally I'm about 6'1, maybe a tad taller. But if you were to measure my inseam with my shoes off it comes to 34....so this creates a problem for jeans that aren't exactly 34 ( and a real 34 ) or shorter.But I do have friends who are 6'5 and 32 inseams do them perfect and even stack a little
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