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The account belongs to Mike, not john
1002 and gone. Damn it.
Come in here and talk about sizing but not the price 😂 If it's under 5 I'll be copping (if I'm fast enough for 45)
No designer really post on a public forum ....but you know it's all good.Probably will be 498
How much will the boots be tomorrow and how is the sizing??Please answer. Don't want to deal with the games and secrets and waiting until 11am to find out information that can be easily posted
And someone else style and vision may look completely goofy on you even if it looks cool on them and vice versa blah blah
LeFlop how about some pics
Love the new denim. The non destroyed blue but really trying to get those grey boots first When are those coming
Kake hoody always looks so cool I the website. Then real people get it, joint just looks goofy 99.8 percent of the time
Yeah I'm in south Texas....and I know dudes in LA Who wear SL leather jackets in the summer...so like I said man....if you really want to wear an item you can.I'm not saying throw on a hoodie and jeans and walk the streets all day from noon to 5pm...of course then it will be too hot obviouslyIf you are headed to a somewhere where your gonna feel the heat or sun for 15 seconds do your thingBut hey me and the heat know each other pretty well so my reasoning may be a little...
New Posts  All Forums: