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Biggest thing they gotta fix is that "33 inseam 😂😂
@JohnElliottCo Is the inseam 34+ for the denim this go round
Black Friday sale gonna be 5% off plus free shipping 😂
If anyone ever comes across a 45 or 45.5 in these, then I'm right here in need of help
If you are skinny, I really think it just comes down to personal preference on the sweater size You may be going for a look that the next person isn't or one way fits your style better Like I said, if you are skinny, it's really gonna be up to you at the end of the day, not us As far as the bigger guy, I really just think the piece doesn't flow well with your up top build, and you should find an alternative or just let this one go. But just my opinion of course
Really depends on how YOU want it to fit. If you like the way it looks/feels then roll with it
Simply stating you are 6'6 isn't enough enough. Do you have a long torso? Long legs? Short legs? How do other t shirts fit you? Etc
Actual lotion works as well 😂😂Didn't see any damage. Just sneakersUnless leather lotion stops it forever
You can put lotion on the tongue but I doubt the noise will stop forever
One has side slits while the other just hangs in the back at a curve
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