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Will there be a restock in the all black stadium jacket?? Also does anyone have the all black stadium with pics of themselves wearing it?
The real battle is JE's custom knit Terry Vs the loopwheel terry hmmmm
Send through some pics. It should be a little snug but lossen with wear
Most Loopwheel stuff from premiun denim brands runs about 225-250 for most Flathead just dropped some for 325 So it johns price is too high for you I would suggest looking on denim focused sites for loopwheel product. You will get something nice. Very cool process all and all.
Was hoping they did a tee as well since I just got a hoody.
Is the collection going to be reveled today or Monday? Just curious about the loopwheel stuff
I think he knows none of it is JE, I think he was just trying to give us a visual/example of what he wants to do
Dune bomber will be copped!
I wear contacts beautiful,and have an extra pair that I wear when I want to have nicer framesBut I appreciate the suggestion!!
This is Me in a size M villain hoody S in u neck Tess, M in every other top for reference. 6'1, 160
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