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The u neck does seen to have a bigger fit than the crewnecks. I'm sure the crew in L would seem more fitted than the u in L. But if you can fit Mediums then go for it
To me the pieces aren't really meant to be something far fetched form what John is already doing. Just limited edition pieces really that aren't a long term production type thing. Not a hey! We are switching things up for a limited amount. Also if you just discovered the brand of course you will want some new silhouettes, those who have been day one tho have watched the growth from all types of cuts, for the curv crews, scar tanks, when there was no mercer tee at all,...
Link number 4 is the current fit, the rest are from the previous season
What's going to be the pricing on the denim jacket
What color are the sleeve on the jacket? And what's the price?
Black silk tee in the plans? Think it would look awesome. Just asking.
Big. Lol
Yeah did you email Brandi?
^ yup! Cause everything won't fit everyone the same and people wear their clothes differently
If it's 3 week days sure, over the weeknd, no
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