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Wish I could buy 20 classic crew dune tees. :-/
Don't wash ....everLol, but if you must. Soak them in a tub or something for about 45 minutes
29 I guess.
5'6 189? What size you normally wear?
Spot clean the dirty or just don't clean it at all.
No need to ever clean jeans.
Also guys this seems to be the true color for moon. Very nice
Denim is July and after. Dune Terry had problems (was surprised they dropped the villain, but it's gone now lol) and charcoal is normally a "special" color. White m65 might've just not made it. Don't see many people wanting that anyway
Yup. Best thing to do with JE is not size up because it just ends up looking weird/or you have to go through a lot of trouble
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