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Yah. Wait until November.It's always a surprise how much and what
It will be too small
Calfs should be skin tight if you want the fit the brand wants.Pockets will flare regardless. Mine did and thighs stretched out a bunch. If you take pics it will help. Not sure what skin tight means to you vs me
Tighter is the way to go!
Terry should be the same. Mix is different on grey for the color(guess)
Denim looks awesome!!That's what I think happened. But hey could be wrong. I just didn't see the point in them making a new inside tag if it were all the same? Only thing that threw me in a loop.
I would say 32 if it's thighs. 31 might fit his waist but might not make it there lol
All confusing 😂😂 Thanks for the info. Sorry about you guys expos
Haha. I bet I am. Oh well. They probably don't want me anyway, but I'm doing all this for the brand and for the people. My goal is to help more than anything.I could make the same assumption as you and I actually did. Just want to be 100 percent sure and see in person. I just like fabric and enjoy finding a rare blend (or mistake), kind of like a collectors thing? I'm aware of the fabric breakdown detail you posted ( although I do not work in the industry)Very cool for...
Well I ordered the micro Modal version from FWRD and will definitely post comparison even though someone else already did. Pretty certain the grey blend must've been switched up for a short period of time and they thought no one would notice? Or just wanted to try something new. Anyway I'll confirm in a few days. To give people an idea of what micro modal is compared to cotton think fruit of the loom vs Calvin Klein Thanks to the user who caught this slight difference.
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