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Yeah I'm in south Texas....and I know dudes in LA Who wear SL leather jackets in the summer...so like I said man....if you really want to wear an item you can.I'm not saying throw on a hoodie and jeans and walk the streets all day from noon to 5pm...of course then it will be too hot obviouslyIf you are headed to a somewhere where your gonna feel the heat or sun for 15 seconds do your thingBut hey me and the heat know each other pretty well so my reasoning may be a little...
If it's too hot for an item you just wear it at night time? Also it's not like when you wear things you will be out in the sun all day. You most likely be walking from your car to AC. It's simple to wear what you want any time of the year
I mean for the most part the rack was just basics and stuff we've seen. Not sure JE cared about that being shown
Loving all the dune and mesh flannel
Meh. Same thing
The hoody was revolve, gone niw
You size downCool price. Shoe is okay but couldn't cop if I wanted tooAlso didn't like the fact JE said he doesn't really wear high tops or whatever in the interview. No need for a high top then IMO something about saying that rubbed me the wrong way. But no big deal if fans are happy I guessGreat to see the expansion for the footwear. Can't wait for the boots
He shouldn't. He seems pretty small in body width but a picture would help
We all moved on
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