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It's a nice thin spring shirt
Not specifically you, but yeah you included but I've also seen worse on here than your story. People just being bratty man. Almost like JE is too nice sometimes.
There's a video on YouTube reviewing the Yeezy 750 boost and a guy appears to be wearing it
Yeah some abuse the system
I'm guessing this is pretty much it for spring dilvery 2?? Along with leather jacket and scar tank
I have tees from the very first season when JE first dropped. When prices were in the 50's lol, No holes at all
UPS lost (I'm sure a ups worker stole it) my charcoal mercer tee Blk dnm
Did some 'layering' today with the villain
Fall 2015
Co mix? As of right now black hasn't been in production or development according to Brandi but hopefully that changes. Comix is goat!
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