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That's why I tried to tell boys earlier the pricing may not be worth it if they aren't loopwheel nerds cause they can essentially get the same looking (colors) pieces for couple hundred cheaper ( well before I knew the sweats and zip where new cuts)
Also the zip hoody is not the flash
Didn't say you wouldn't appreciate. Just be worth it, as far as spending the 300, since it'll be pricier but appear to look like the mainlibe items(if you go for black like me)Anyway Mike posted links for ya
I just wore mine yesterday.I think if you have to ask, then no it will not be worth it to you. Sort of a cult fabric/denim nerd thing IMO
Loopwheel! Can't wait to cop. (If it's good)
V neck 😂 Oh man
Not for the shape. The texture, and this is just for the silk tee specifically, co mix etc are fine in machine Just a thought, hand washing is pretty simple in terms of time But then again I don't have this super hero washing machine
Very bad advice. Hand washing the item is much betterAnyway, the silk tees suck. (Yes I had them, more than 1) ended up giving them both to a friend for free
Get a 9
Thought I opened the wrong email this morning. Had to do a double take 😂
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