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One thing that bothers me about the anti expo(or at least the one I seen in person) The neck isn't just a flat one piece like all JE shirts have been for a couple years. It has that floppy extra piece on the inside that can sometimes end up cause bacon neck or a roll over Excuse me for not knowing the correct terminology. πŸ˜‚
Wish coba denim didn't have holes. Really nice wash
On the co mix hoody is the fleece like normal fleece? I might be one of the few but I personally hate fleece for the most part
Okay this is pretty funny actually πŸ˜‚
Every Tuesday and Thursday forever.Either way.....
I like the linen better if you are willing to go through a tailor to get the fit corrected and slimmed down. Cotton would nice but should be longer IMO.
I've seen. Nothing special. No thoughts really. What's your question
It is.
You get that crappy feel πŸ˜‚Man I was hoping it was silky or like the SLP Hawaiians
Lol at everyone taking the IG fan page so seriously. (No I don't run it, just think it's funny)
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