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Curve bottom tanks? Navy as a new basic color? Khaki sweats? Can't really tell much from the pic
I wash cold/or hand wash and hang dry. I've accidentally put one in the dryer before, no shrinkage but made it softer lol but I think they all get softer each wash (except the silk joints)
On mobile it shows up as 50/50 and I would assume since the tees have always been 50/50
Fabrics are the same as they are for basic tees. Black and white are still 50/50
Fall/winter. Sometime in September Is the mercer tee gonna get any cheaper ? lol still copped but man!
Mercer will be copped!
Yes sir certain piece do look nice layered together. My point was just JE can stand on it's own piece by piece , wear as FOG you almost have to layer Also the current measurements are on point and they will stretch a tad with wear because that's what jeans do, but nothing extreme to size down on (talking about the thigh area) But I guess if you have big thighs go with the size that will work for your thigh. I would just go with whatever size fits your waist accurately...
Yes this I understand, I think it's hard to really explain what I mean, I think a lot of people want their layers to look a way you don't intend them too.But yes, as far as the clothing all going together and layering from the model pics I get thatBut I think a lot of people are trying to make pieces something they aren't.It makes sense in my mind lolMy specific post was directed at one person because it sounded like he wanted something dramatic.The john elliott layering...
I understand people like to layer but when I see john elliott, I don't think the vision in their pieces were really intended for layering. At least not purposely. Intended. IMO if a layering look if what you are looking to add to your style, I would look at fear of god.
I notice for the hoodies it's not some much the body, but the arms are just short
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