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Posts by hitormiiss Anyone have a real picture of these two shirts? I can't decide whether I want the blue or pink checkered. Or just help me decide which is better. Thanks!
I wish I copped the pistachio sooner. My size is gone now...
Anyone getting a 404 error when clicking the link in the email? Maybe it's because I'm on my iPhone but it worked earlierYea I'm getting that too
Just wondering are the pictures of the seafoam shirt accurately portraying the color? I ask because the better picture you posted of the pink is a lot bolder.
Definitely copping the seafoam shirt.
I like the shape it doesn't really have to have the T.
Anyone get the newsletter?
Hey guys I'm interested in purchasing a pair of NS and I'm confused by the new sizing comments. I have a pair of PS in 28. What size should i get in NS? I want a pair because I would like looser calves and the taper is a bit too much for me. They fit fine overall though. I normally wear 30 in levis 511 so I sized down 2 for the PS.
Overdyes dropping anytime soon? I've been looking for a navy shirt.
Looking for a pair of these. PM me if you're selling them and price. Thanks!
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