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They're gonna be on the 1035 last, and will have a leather sole.
 nice pick-up... if you decide to part with them, shoot me a pm.
i got them second hand from a dude that posts over at ironheart.  
 yup... pretty sure those are identical to mine. although mine are a bit beat up.
 werd... i've got a pair of 310s in that same HH and i wholeheartedly dig. i was actually thinking about snagging those too, but they sold with a quickness.
 i wear darn tough vermont's full cushion coolmax boot socks and i have no problem 80 degree plus days. it seems that everybody has different experiences with these things but thats what i do and my feet stay dry and comfortable in whatever boots in whatever conditions.
 I think he's talking about the derby boot, they have three up on the site now... Two country derby boots and one service derby.
Got them in Feb. So about two months worn two to three times a week.
No filter... In sun.
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