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I have these too, they fit really tight however.
I ordered the flight vest...still waiting on it obviously. But I really like the look of it.   What do you guys think of the new Limited Edition Ball Caps they have? thinking of grabbing them both, lol  
I have them, they are actually quite nice, obviously not Selvedge or anything. But they arent really tight compared to some of the other slim fits. they are quite comfortable. I actually like this cut more and im a skinny guy.The Slim Fit Black Jeans at the same price point are identical, I actually have 2 pairs of them now (just ordered another). They are my new favourite Jean. They look more like a faded Navy then Black anyways, which is what I like about them.
I apron is 40% off already. So I bought it. LOL
I have the shoes from last year and All RL sneakers Ive bought fit the same, perfect at 9D. I have about 10 pairs now not including these from Polo, Denim Supply and RRL.
Just ordered the new Norfolk Sneakers in both the Indigo and the Brown (as they were low on my size, and they look kinda cool too) Will post pics whenever they get to Canada.
I groom dogs, we are supposed to wear aprons which I dont, lol but I like this one.
This Apron is the shit, lol And I dont think its meant as a Chefs Apron, Not all Aprons are meant for cooking.
I noticed that too, but same thing happened for that spend 500 receive 150 off, it didnt say RRL at first on the disclaimer. I guess until somebody complained.
25% Off Sale at Ralph Lauren, to bad RRL not included :(
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