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Maaaaan, "personal justification" is so loaded so as to be prohibitive to actual discussion. Congrats about trying and sticking with a different diet style! I suggest lots of eggplant, as they're delicious.
my full disclosure is that I teach the LSAT and SAT for Kaplan. They offer free, proctored tests for the GMAT, IIRC. Call the center near you and sit in and take the full thing, timed. You might or might not get a sales pitch but free is free and the courses are a good idea anyway. Whether or not you should take a course depends on how much you think you can study adaptively. This means that you not only do the practice, but you go over your problems, fix your mistakes,...
Note that calligraphy is a different process than handwriting; many calligraphers have atrocious handwriting. It's more of a style of drawing that just happens to produce something readable. That said, it can really help out if you want to improve your stylized writing. Taking time to slow down when you write will give you better results.
My Ferragamos are 10, I wear a 10 (don't know about Clarks) and they are a little big. I'd size down one-half if I were doing it again.
To go off into the weeds here, dental health really went downhill when we started growing grains and eating them. The combination of starches and the tiny shards of stone mixed into the flour from the millstones did hell on man's teeth. My proposal is that we eat whole foods that we've cooked ourselves when we can, made with products that only include things that we need. For example, I don't need preservatives in my salad dressing or red dye in my barbeque sauce....
Some of my shades are polarized, some are not. I really notice the difference when I am driving and especially when I am sailing. If you're just being fashionable though, the polarization doesn't really affect much.
VERY cool!
Pretty good book on the subject.
B&S forum! Turn those threads in to cashola.
It's actually hard to tell your style from mentioning those brands. Preppy can include: -Tchotched-out college guys with madras shorts and a pink polo shirt. -Yacht club attire with khakis, a navy blazer with brass buttons and a blue shirt and tie. -Tweed sportcoat, sweater-vest and wool trousers. -White pants, boat shoes and a blue polo shirt. It seems that you're more interested in the logo on the shirt than the quality or look of the clothes themselves. Why are you...
New Posts  All Forums: