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Deep-fried sauerkraut balls?
Every 30 pages or so, Singular comes through and carpetbombs this thread with awesome.
If you are near a university or community art center, there will be all sorts of neat classes you can take. Batik, basketweaving, ceramics, etc. Good place to meet people and if you don't like the activity, you haven't had to buy anything. If you have a fabric store around, I can guarantee they have classes for beginning sewers. I just took up badminton again and remember how much I love the sport. Cast your net wide!
I'd go for a JFK haircut. Part, a little swept back. Your hair is begging for some direction. If you feel like it's thick, tell your barber to thin it out and they'll use thinning shears to do it.
Arlington Road.
1.25 for a PBR. Yes preeze.
Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan has anyone read the black swan...? I read it; much of it is good, a lot of it is him trying to get back at professional rivals and show how smart he is. I thought the theory was good but the practical applications part was lacking. I liked both Blink and the Tipping Point, mostly for the anecdotes. I suppose I'm in the minority.
Lyle Lovett has this theory that the more time elapsed since the event and the note, the more you have to write. Emails are vaguely appropriate for something like a friend letting you sleep in their spare bedroom for the night, people inviting you over for dinner, etc., and best written the day after. If it's any later than that, a written note is better. Really, write one out if you can.
As it's been mentioned before, some of this comes from anxiety. If you're looking for an Rx, check out Trazodone; it's generic and non-addictive. It seems I might be in a good position to help you, as I both have insomnia and have studied for the LSAT. In fact, I teach a prep course on the LSAT right now. If you want to talk about it and relieve a few concerns, drop me a PM.
Maaaaan, "personal justification" is so loaded so as to be prohibitive to actual discussion. Congrats about trying and sticking with a different diet style! I suggest lots of eggplant, as they're delicious.
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