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Quote: Originally Posted by Tcameron Some merlot AE PA's off of here - Hopefully will go well with my midnight blue TaT suit. I aim to be the most dashing gent in the airport when I leave for Europe in just over three weeks for the semester. Oh yeah, dressing up for plane travel is one of my favorite things. I only have the opportunity to rarely enough that I put actual effort into it whenever I fly. Happy travels!
I'm fond recently of a little dash of bitters in my bourbon. Anyone else go for this as well?
Something that just occurred is that since all this awfulness is actually just a rebellion against her parents, you should accept and encourage her crazy-ass dressing. Say things like "well that's not really too daring, I thought you'd wear XYZ tonight" or "I like that outfit a lot" or things like that. My guess is that she'll hate it and never wear those clothes again. If not, what've you got to lose!
Quote: Originally Posted by triniboy27 I do. Wtf's up with the cargo pants on the Italians? I saw that and smiled. It's a pretty Italian thing to do.
Ebay, BIN, $90, was the eighth person to view the auction. Allen Edmonds Wingtips yay! Now if I only had things to wear them with...
You make a good point. I suppose what I'm getting at is that my collars, when not ironed, go every which way. Keeping them under control with a light iron or tabs make sure that they don't defy gravity. You're most certainly right about formal-ing up a casual outfit. A pressed and starched collar looks out of place there.
I got a pair of these awhile ago. Bad: -there's no arch support whatsoever -they smell like latex rubber and that'll never go away good: -cheap -easy to throw in the washer to keep clean -every time I wear them, a woman compliments me on them. They're really low-profile, not-fancy shoes. Don't walk more than a mile in them or they'll get dirty and hurt your feet, but they do have some pretty clean lines. I guess I don't regret buying them, but they're not as good as I...
Saucy, looks nice. Love the white shoes. unterdude, two basic suggestions-- first, wear a v-neck undershirt so you can't see any white popping out. It makes for a more polished look. Second, see if the collar on that shirt has slots for collar stays. These are plastic or metal tabs that you insert and they make the collar rigid. You'll want these to make it lay flat. If it doesn't have spots for tabs, or even if it does, hitting it with an iron and light starch will make...
Quote: Originally Posted by tatet super super cheap atm. they're my favorite khakis ive ever owned The waist is perfect, the inseam is about 4in too long. Anyone have opinions on hemming pants 4+ inches? I get the feeling it'd screw up the cut of the leg too much but if folks have done it, then it's worth pulling the trigger on those jeans.
Use Dylon, RIT is the wrong thing to use for DIY dyeing due to needing to boil it while you're dyeing. And tetanus is spread by bacteria that have good growing conditions on rust. Rusty nails might be contaminated if you stepped on them in a yard, hence the cautions there. Straight-up rust is harmless.
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