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Use wooden shoe trees because they absorb moisture. Put them in as soon as you take your shoes off and you'll minimize the creases. You only need to leave them in for a day, so you realistically just need one pair of trees that you rotate into the shoes that you wore that day. When you don't use a shoehorn, an Italian cobbler cries.
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom jesus christ, I hate that fucking church. They even twisted the bible verses to work to their benefit, rather than the normal translation. If anyone has seen the leader's sister on TV you can tell she is fucked in the head. This organization keeps in money because they are all lawyers and they thrive on lawsuits when their rights are infringed. When the local cops come out and kick them off the streets,...
Balance seems to be the idea in play. If you have a ridiculously expensive car but dress like a slob, it'll look incongruent. Similarly, if you dress very well but putz around in a K-car, people might wonder whether you're spending yourself into ruin for nice clothes to the exclusion of many other things. All based on whether you care what others think.
No love for the current Gottis?
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector how do you pronounce "genre"? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_chics -Porn Chic! Like how you'd say genre normally, but French up the "r" a bit. Heroin chic!
Elegant Trim Sharp Rad Elite Fresh Or if you're around cultured people, then BCBG (bon chic, bon genre) but I'll give you a dollar if you ever use that one...
In a year, this may be like the Von Dutch hats that people find in their closet and wonder why they ever wore them... tagutcow, I couldn't place exactly why I didn't like them but you pointed it out. The designs are just really simple; you could probably find them airbrushed on a shirt at Myrtle Beach. If you remove the logo, you have yet another garish, tacky shirt sold at flea markets. I think we don't like these because we weren't the ones to come up with the idea of...
It's fashion in a box, pre-made and blandly seasoned so as to be just interesting enough but at the same time, sanitary.
This all looks fantastic. I'm predicting just about all of my spendable income to go here at some point or another. I'm curious-- are you ever planning on doing dress shirts? Finding ones that fit me can be very hard, and I'd like to help SFers if I can.
Another alternative for shotgunning is trap shooting. While dropping the money to go on a trip or budgeting the time for it may be a stretch, going to the trap range for a day to shoot clay pigeons is cheap and easy. It also gives more immediate satisfaction than hunting because you're shooting at a lot of targets. Know that becoming a good hunter can take years and thousands of dollars in expenses. Also, if you are interested in gun hunting of any kind, take a safety...
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