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Quote: the French fries, which were once cooked in rendered fat trimmings from the tenderloins, are now fried in vegetable oil. Want.
Thanks for the feedback! The trousers are all-cotton and have no starch in them at the moment. I don't have any suitable wool pants so I went with my next best alternative. I agree that the texture looks a little off; ideally, I'd like tweed pants for maximum comfort on the cold day. I have corduroys and herringbone pants, but neither seemed appropriate for the outfit as I didn't want to overdo the patterns. I'd like to get ahold of a tattersall check shirt, I think it'd...
I'm going to the shooting range. This pic was right before I was going to go and then decided it was too windy : ( I don't eradicate live things, only (attempt to) shoot at targets.
Things may look a little poochy in places, setting up a self-timer and getting things looking right when it's cold and windy was a chore. The lapels on the jacket are pretty damn wide but it's vintage so it's what I expect. I might have them altered a little bit. It's too windy right now to go shooting, I hope the weather improves later today... This is probably not streetwear outside of the Highlands, but I feel like it partially redeems me for the silly pic yesterday.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus Kim Gordon, Kim Deal, and Nico form some sort of sexy triumvirate of sexy musicians that didn't age so sexily. Chan Marshall can be the sexy intern and Liz Phair the sexy janitor of this pretend sexy land. Elizabeth Frazer, Beth Gibbons, and Jennifer Charles would be the sexy agents of the sexy musician CIA. I'm too lazy to post sexy pictures. On the other hand, Debbie Harry still looks quite fine.
I was reading the WSJ today and bank overdraft fees popped up somewhere. I had this mental image of someone going into the bank to talk about $30 overdraft charges with their teller. The person asks if the teller is religious, then asks "are you familiar with the sin of usury?" Then there was some blank space in my imagination and the person was being led out by security. To be relevant, the most important phrase you can utter is "I would like to close my account."...
Steak au Poivre is often made like I said, but with the addition of crushed peppercorns in the pan sauce. Pepper is my favorite spice ever so I get a little nerdy about it, you'll have to excuse me. The other thing about adding pepper before cooking is that the heat you're working in will destroy a lot of the delicious pepper chemicals. I was imprecise when I said burning, I should have said that it mutes the flavor. You sometimes get actual burning on a grill, however....
ts4them, could you link to or sum up that mushroom soup recipe? It sounds pretty ridiculous and I'd like to give it a try!
Quote: Originally Posted by Surfrider I agree with you, and perhaps I should have been a little more detailed in my initial description of the guy in question. My passing of the "douchebag" judgment goes beyond the manner in which he chooses to clothe himself; that is simply an indicator of the douchiness within. The real measure of his quality is in his actions. For example, the class we share is quite full, and on the first couple days, some of the...
Nothing on the easel to the left or the cat food dish in the background? Really? It's ok, your astonishment will subside in a few hours and you'll have something snappy to say.
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