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Eggs are only 70 calories and nature's most perfect source of protein! If I were cutting calories, I'd use less butter to cook them in and switch the sugar in my coffee for splenda. Breakfast sandwiches are ridiculous. I'm not so hip on McGriddles but just about any other combo of meat, cheese, eggs with a toasty starch matrix is delicious. I'd try to think of something that would be silly and good for breakfast, but I think that's the meal where people are most...
I'm thinking of silkscreening a shirt that says "Black By Popular Demand" and wearing it. Someone talk me out of it plz. <--- whitey
I got my Sperrys from The Sportsman's Guide. Google it, they're like $30 or even $25 sometimes if they have them in stock. And being someone who owns a sailboat and sails, the shoes are ridiculous. I love my Sperrys, worth it on water or dry ground!
Quote: Originally Posted by Asch I agree. Hard to tell from your stance, but it looks like the jacket is too big in the shoulders and arms. I like the color peeking out from your pocket, though Thanks for noticing the color! I wanted it to be very subtle : ) I have quite broad shoulders and the angle of the picture kind of amplifies it. The fit seen isn't quite the fit IRL. Probably a silly question coming up, but it's a 2-button...
Quote: the French fries, which were once cooked in rendered fat trimmings from the tenderloins, are now fried in vegetable oil. Want.
Thanks for the feedback! The trousers are all-cotton and have no starch in them at the moment. I don't have any suitable wool pants so I went with my next best alternative. I agree that the texture looks a little off; ideally, I'd like tweed pants for maximum comfort on the cold day. I have corduroys and herringbone pants, but neither seemed appropriate for the outfit as I didn't want to overdo the patterns. I'd like to get ahold of a tattersall check shirt, I think it'd...
I'm going to the shooting range. This pic was right before I was going to go and then decided it was too windy : ( I don't eradicate live things, only (attempt to) shoot at targets.
Things may look a little poochy in places, setting up a self-timer and getting things looking right when it's cold and windy was a chore. The lapels on the jacket are pretty damn wide but it's vintage so it's what I expect. I might have them altered a little bit. It's too windy right now to go shooting, I hope the weather improves later today... This is probably not streetwear outside of the Highlands, but I feel like it partially redeems me for the silly pic yesterday.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus Kim Gordon, Kim Deal, and Nico form some sort of sexy triumvirate of sexy musicians that didn't age so sexily. Chan Marshall can be the sexy intern and Liz Phair the sexy janitor of this pretend sexy land. Elizabeth Frazer, Beth Gibbons, and Jennifer Charles would be the sexy agents of the sexy musician CIA. I'm too lazy to post sexy pictures. On the other hand, Debbie Harry still looks quite fine.
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