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Quote: Originally Posted by goldenolive why don't u complete your self first. figure out urself first and when ur confident that u know what u want and ur working towards it, try to get her back. at the very least, if u really love her, u would think she deserves a stable and a man who is secure with himself Sage advice, minus the internet spelling : ) The best way to "win her bacK" is to not try that at all and instead, look at making...
Well you have to lift them up off the fat. I use either a broiling pan with another pan underneath, or just an old cooling rack for cookies that I don't mind gunking up a little bit. I agree that the chicken hanging out in its own fat wouldn't be amazing. It's relatively simple to lift them so the fat drains away (or use a George Foreman : ) ). Brining also works well to get some flavors in.
Yes, brisket in many forms! When you're doing thighs in the oven, I suggest hitting them with the broiler for a minute or so before you serve so the skin gets extra crispy. Rosemary is especially tasty with thighs, sometimes I just do a garlic/olive oil/rosemary marinade and let them chill with that for awhile.
Long, slow heat in the oven so the skin gets really crispy and the fat melts out. Chicken thighs are divine, they only require a little work first. You can also debone them and trim the fat if you're going to sear and then cook them in a sauce, like an Indian preparation. Fast, high heat isn't going to get the fat out of them. One thing you could try, which is what one can do with ducks, is to steam them first for awhile to get a lot of the fat melted out, then cool them...
Also, thoughts on Zwack? Haven't had it before but the package store has them in mini bottles, so I've been meaning to snag one and try it. If you like it, how would you serve it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 Peoples shit palates really bother me when it comes to beer and wine. Like when I went to my friends for the superbowl and he was trying to push Miller High Life on me. YUCK!!! Thanks, but I brought my own beer. High Life is amazing.
Chartreuse. Good lord.
Eye of Round can turn into bresaola. Did you get any suet? You can make your own hot dogs! You'll have to find badgers to grind into it though. That amount of ground beef means you can truly perfect your burgers. Try as many recipes for burgers as you can, mess with the techniques, add in things you haven't before. I bet you'll get a great sense for how to make a burger and not a hockey puck when you're done!
It's adorable. It's like all the waify kids went to the thrift store and bought the biggest, ugliest most obvious perscription glasses they could find, knocked the lenses out, and thought they were so clever that they had to show the internet their wit. It'll be a shame when they grow out of it : (
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley As far as Hosea, he thinks he's so great, but beyond the fact he does pretty well in front of the camera, he's one of those guys who thinks he is greater than he really is. Regardless, I wouldn't be surprised if he made top 3. Maybe it was just Bravo editing but when he was talking about wanting Stefan to lose, I was thinking that instead of bitching, he should just cook better food. Stefan obviously...
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