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In with banana hammock before someone else is. Boxers bunch up a LOT in slim pants. Might as well get the freeballing joke over with too.
If you want something slim and without a hood and are okay shopping in the women's section, then Danskin makes some seriously fantastic zipups. Some actually do have hoods, come to think of it. Anyway, they're made for dancers doing warmups so they're very slim fitting and not weirdly proportioned for skinny guys (dancers don't have boobies). I have a white one that had a pocket on the sleeve that I took a stitch ripper to and removed. I think I snagged it at wal-mart for...
Tonic water has copious amounts of high fructose corn syrup to balance out the quinine, making it taste sweet. If I could find unsweetened tonic water, I'd probably run that over normal stuff. And the tonic in glass bottles > all, basically. Forget the gun.
I got burnt out on Blackstar, I listened to it so much. Saw them last year, it was ok. Live hiphop is kinda awful. Common is okay, the Roots are completely brilliant.
Quote: Originally Posted by TeeMillz He is hampered by not having any great albums? What, are you serious? Ready to die is a bonafide gangster classic. Right up there with Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Doe or die, etc. Many would say it's one of the best hip-hop albums ever. Sure, I'll give you that. What I guess I was thinking of is that Biggie's beats are just stone awful most of the time. It really dates his music in a way that Pac's...
Biggie is hampered by not having made any truly great albums, just great songs. He's nowhere as deep or as lyrically talented as Tupac, but his delivery is solid gold. I agree about it sounding like a stickup kid. There's a real superficial (not in a bad way) quality of it being good from the top, the first listen, but not really evolving as you listen to it more. As far as musicians with the most sincere, passionate and genuine delivery, I'll just assume that you haven't...
You get a pass on that kind of stuff if you're actually Ronnie James Dio. ...come on, man. Dio.
Congrats! I don't want to come off as an ass but why were you not lining up a job while in school? Did you do internships? From what I understand, MBAs really need experience along with the MBA to be sellable.
Yep, Pac has a book of poetry that's worth checking out of the library. I think it's called A Rose Grows In Concrete.
They make clothing in XS sizes, and I like that. They've got kind of a negative reputation as being Stuff White People Like, for the khaki and blue dress shirt set. Their clothes are fine for 20-somethings looking for non-attention grabbing office wear. Gap is slipping because it's become a commodity. It makes nothing distinctive outside of some of its knitted winterwear. And honestly, the complaints about quality and stuff falling apart matter to like, 2% of clothing...
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