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Mafoofan, that sounds like an interesting idea. If you're feeling flush, covering the books sounds nice. I'd do this in a way that keeps dollar amounts and stuff out of the equation, since that makes people uncomfortable. Check into the bookstores on campus and find the one that carries the law books. Give them a call and see if they'll keep your information on file and then charge you for her books. All you need to tell her is a note saying "congratulations again! I have...
Capers make the date. If you have them brined, rinse them off. If you don't like capers, it's probably because you object to the vinegar taste of the brine. Rinsing takes care of this and brings out that floral, snappy flavor. Opinions on hot smoked vs. cold smoked? I think my opinion is just "delicious".
Another thing that came to mind as theraputic is to write a letter to the deceased person. Talk to them about how you're wondering why they did it, how you feel about what they did and how difficult it is. Remember some nice things. Tell them some good things that have happened to you lately. Then shred/burn the letter. Write several if it's helpful.
This sounds like a fun engagement to go to! Here's my best: 1. If you call her by a formal name, continue to do so. It's nothing that should make her feel uncomfortable, and we often refer to respected elders with a title like Mrs. James. If you'd like to call her something differently, you might ask her in private with something like "I've been saying Mrs. James, but is there another name you would prefer?" But basically, it's nothing to feel uncomfortable about. 2....
Quote: Originally Posted by why If people want to stop eating HFCS then all they need to do is start putting ethanol into their cars. OK that made me smile! If you're looking for co-ops, partial ownerships and such, this site may be helpful in finding them: http://www.eatwild.com/products/index.html It's more a reference for grassfed beef and truly cage-free chickens. That said, they also list other programs like raw milk...
The only thing I can say is that whatever you feel is okay to feel. Even if it's anger at the person.
Nimrod means something along the lines of master hunter. It's, AFAIK, a biblical name with odd connotations here. And honestly, do you think Frank Zappa would name his daughter and sons normally?
I mean, taking the results of someone who is actually qualified to have an opinion on something is crazy and all. There are, you know, legitimate appeals to authority. I mean, calling people "fucking idiots" is an ad hominem attack. Hey look, I can use Latin too!
I saw a kid in the paper named Anakin. I felt a mixture of pity for him and anger at his parents for thinking that was an appropriate name for their child.
I'm sorry you think it's random googling and I'm sorry that the research of a Ph. D in food science doesn't satisfy you. Enjoy your HFCS, I'm done talking about this. If you're cutting out processed foods and getting into cooking new things, you should probably try cutting out dairy and gluten from your diet for 3 days. They're very common low-level allergies and you might find yourself feeling a lot better if you try other foods in the meantime. Unfortunately, gluten...
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