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after about a year and a half of on and off wear. I didn't really get many fades on the back side of the jeans. It's time for a wash now.
Quote: Originally Posted by EdenResident Um, the Neil for $132 ain't too bad. Nice cut and clean wash. The Rs are not even that obnoxious like their usual stuff. I might kop! I agree, those jeans are tempting.
There will be blood. I think it's the ultimate work wear movie. I should cross post this in the, "if you could pull off any look" thread because if i could i'd walk around in knee high boots if i could.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap some of their fade pattern is spot on. i wish i could get a pair of faded that fit me i just bought a pair from tj max, they were distressed but for 15.00 i couldn't say no. Besides, the fades are pretty damn good.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Just stumbled upon these from Japan Fashion Week Yeah, I don't get it. some how this seems derivative... []
I have about 7 pairs of chinos, 3 of which are in a "jean" cut that i really like. That is they are 5 pocket/front pocket cut. I never associated chinos with being mature but then again I went to a prep school and that was just about all I wore through out high school. I also recently cleaned out my closet and got rid of some pre-styleforum chinos i had. They were so boxy and baggy they might as well have been parachute pants.
I would think of streetwear as anything casual, from jeans and a white tshirt to chinos and a button down. The look you described is definitely streetwear. Menswear is more business casual to even black tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokestack EG/w+h/EG/Onitsuka Tiger I really dig this. Simple and a great fit. Those tigers are sweet.
well with the one i just bought, it's a thicker fabric but i think the look of these probably has more to do with cut than anything else.
Quote: Originally Posted by kaxixi Maybe I just can't tell from the pics, but some of these look like they're just unlined jackets. Are they knit? Confused. They are knit. I like the idea of them a lot to dress up a casual look just a bit without going all the way with a sport coat.
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