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Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Nice. Come to think of it, Kid Rock and Eminem are the most successful things from Detroit in the last 10 years. We should make them the new CEOs of GM and Chrysler. Can't do worse than the old guys? White Stripes are the best thing to come out of Detroit in a long time. And Kid Rock is from Romeo, MI, which is pretty far away from even the fringes of Detroit Suburbia. It's the country, not the city.
I consolidated my various threads and dropped the prices. Everything was worn by me, a non-smoker, and everything was kept in a non-smoker home. I accept Paypal and Google Checkout.. PM me for the info. I can usually ship same day as long as payment arrives by midday. I am located in Wicker Park in Chicago if anyone wants to arrange to pick up an item. I measured all of these items with the following methods: waist of jeans: top of waist band all the way around thigh of...
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 What's so great about grocery "chains" and so bad about neighborhood rib joints and liquor stores? I get the point, but that's a weird way of making it. Being in New York, where space is so valuable and rare, these kind of articles just boggle my mind. It sounds like you could buy a whole block in Detroit for the price of a studio in Manhattan. There are no grocery STORES. It's not an issue of mom and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton About four years ago I went to a wedding in central Michigan. Not a cosmopolitan town to say the least. The priest was from metro Detroit. He came in for the occasion because he knew the groom. At the dinner the night before, at a rather lame restaurant, he lamented that there was not a single sit-down restaurant of comparable or lesser quality in the whole city. No regular grocery stores either. No services, in a...
I put together a quick and dirty spreadsheet to help out with pricing, shipping, and exchange rates for Plal and Pediware. It provides prices with real time exchange rates and the 5% Pediware pricematch and discount. You may find it helpful.. more info: http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...3&postcount=72
Quote: Originally Posted by jpeirpont I'm not sure the quality of anything you do in Jersey comparable to that you'd find in Manhattan. We're talking about suburbs here. It's quantity, not quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbjorn Unless it was on gravel, that Z06 driver had to be adjusting his dash vents or something. I love the STi, and I'm pretty partisan (I race cars for Subaru Rally Team USA), but on tarmac, the C6 Z06 is on a completely different level than either an M5 or an STi. In my experience, the average C6 Z06 owner just babies the thing around the track anyway. Coast through the corners and then drop the hammer on the...
Same can be said for your typical business hotel. Where do they get these patterns?
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus ^ must be an EVO owner or driver of something with a made-in-USA tag. I own an 07 Audi S4 Avant (6MT) and 05 Subaru STi, heavily modded for track duty. Thanks.
Blue is a bold choice. Naming cars is a bit juvenile. The thing already has enough going against it. Just drive it and enjoy it.
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