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Quote: Originally Posted by suited I had an iphone since it came out and recently switched to a Blackberry, it was the best decision I've ever made. Forget all the features the iphone lacks, if I never have to step foot in another Apple store again in my life it will be a great success. Nothing forces an iPhone owner into Apple stores. They are sold at Best Buy, Walmart, and AT&T stores. I own a Blackberry from Verizon, and I've never once...
I applaud the Yahoo Sports bracket. Much nicer than having to fight with ESPN's bloated site.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh I did 20 years in a Malmo prison for murdering a Turk after he tried to use loaded dice in a nice little game in Stockholm. All in all prison wasn't too bad. Excellent cuisine but a bit boring. Fine meats and fresh fruits and vegetables but no variety. They could have done Chinese or Tex-Mex occasionally. Wines were excellent, though too many whites and not enough attention paid to the vintages! The women were...
I sometimes go out for a drink on St. Patricks day, but I am not compelled to do so with any regularity. I was driving back from a friend's house this evening, and I was driving through Wrigleyville where all the fresh college graduates hang out. I saw many people having fun and obviously drunk (at 9pm on a Tuesday), but I did not feel like I was missing out on anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa To my knowledge, the only difference in hardware is the 3G antenna and GPS. Come to think of it, original iPhones that are hacked/jailbroken are able to send MMS with no problem, so it can't be the hardware. Apple claimed that the radio is different in 2G iPhones and could not support MMS using the iPhone 3.0 software. Who knows...
I try to be healthy in all aspects of my life, and spending time in the gym is certainly an important part of that. I find that there is some sort of positive feedback into the rest of my effort to be healthy when I am more committed to my gym workouts. Simply, when I work out more, I want to eat healthier, drink less, get good rest, and generally take care of myself to make sure I get the most out of my workouts. I think being healthy also plays a role in a positive...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y Only a poor artist blames his tools. http://photocritic.org/amazing-iphone-photos/ --Andre Most of those pictures are incredibly small. If thats the best an iPhone can do, then it doesn't impress me.
It is free for all iPhone owners and it will be released in June. It will cost 10 bucks for iPod Touch owners.
these are sold, sorry
Quote: Originally Posted by randallr The suburbs of Detroit are some of the richest I have ever seen. In Detroit, businesses are closing and shrinking left and right. Regular folks are being laid off or at best seeing 10-20% paycuts, loss of perks, benefits, 401k matches, etc. The suburbs are going to start seeing some of the city's problems in their own backyard.
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