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We take meaningless tests and follow draconian rules throughout our entire education. What is one more silly test? I realize it might be unfair across racial boundaries, but she needs to learn how to prioritize.
Combinatorics in the computer science track. Ugh. That was the hardest. My worst grade? Psych 101.
I find that most people who make comments about etiquette are usually the first to talk with food in their mouth, leave food on their face for longer than a few seconds, or talk obnoxiously loud during a group meal. Personally, I practice what I feel is appropriate etiquette, and part of that is never commenting on someone else.
I think Yahoo only lets you assign 1 bracket to 1 group. I had to create a new bracket to join the SF group.
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB I'd like to know if theres a way to just get all my CC debt onto one low rate card. I have no problem paying them all, but it would be so much easier to just pay one hugeass bill every month instead of 4 small ones. My AmEx is through BoA so I'm not sure if I can switch to one of their balance tranfer cards or not. I want to talk to a BoA rep this weekend but I don't know...do they try to dupe you into paying high...
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB I have three cards to pay off: one for $4,300, $700, $1300 and $1900. Im doing it the fun way and paying off the lowest balances first. My $700 card is no-interest here for a couple more months so I think it would be smart to pay it off before it starts charging interest. Last year I payed off my first card, my Barneys card that had a balance of $1,000 and that was like the best moment of my year. Paying off a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube I'm of the mind that a man should quit roommates and footie pajamas at the same time. I think its a great way to save some money. It's fine if you are young, and it can actually be a lot of fun as well. One of my former roommates, who I met randomly during a roommate search, has turned into a good friend. I think it is important to find roommates who are in the same position in life. We were all...
95 - Wicker Park The furthest things are a movie theater and bookstore, both listed at .5 miles. However, both of the places listed, I'd never step foot in.
I've had some good and some bad experiences with roommates. Definitely no more than 2, but just shop around. I'm sure there are many listed on craigslist, so just meet some potentials and go from there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I am so fucked by CC debt right now that's built up over the student years that I'm feeling prety helpless myself. It would be great to just throw all my money at my cards and pay them off but then I'm going to have to fall back on it again when I need to purchase day to day goods as I'll be completely out of cash. Now my credit sucks too much to get a 0% APR balance transfer card. Fack. Depending on...
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