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A friend forwarded me an email from about this MTM deal in Chicago. Nicholas Joseph is doing a buy-one-get-one-free deal for their custom shirts through May 15. All you have to do is mention I have never heard of them, but their website looks like they do the basic MTM shirt for between $120 and $160. Two shirts for $120 isn't a terrible deal, so I'll probably go check this out. I have had shirt problems with Hemrajani, Chan, and Jantzen...
I just hope they stay in one time period for a little while. All that jumping around felt like I was watching reruns of Quantum Leap.
If this is the kind of media hype and attention that is necessary to get people to secure their computers and identify, then I'm happy. However, the root causes of this "outbreak" hasn't really gotten the attention it should. People think they are safe because they run windows update once a year. In reality, most malicious code is being executed against the web browser. Running a secure and up to date web browser is your real defense. Also, the myth of Mac users being...
I use really like Lux, the Risk clone. Games can be as quick or as long as you want them to be, and you can tweak all the rules. The customization to the style of play and map also adds some variety. I also enjoy the German style board games like Settlers of Catan and Carcassone which offer similar strategy but with a different gameplay and goal.
I still have these items for sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Ichiro's game is different, some might say less exciting, but he's criminally underrated. He's also on a criminally bad team. I think he is a fantastic player, but singles don't win games. People need to drive him in and score on their own.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho If he plays and reaches his average number of hits Ichiro will reach 2000 hits this season. 2000 hits in less than a decade. He's right behing Jeter an A-Rod who have been playing about 5 years longer. Ichiro may go down a a better all around player than I crazy by saying that? Ichiro is a threat to make it to first base. Henderson was a threat to make it to home plate.
Ben can't die. Sayid always shoots him. Ben always survives. But how? The kid was shot in the heart. The only way out of this is for there to be some major curveball.. maybe that wasn't Ben Linus. Or he was wearing a bullet proof vest.
Personally, I think everyone has gone overboard with the hugging and kissing and other social "norms". I see my family a few times a year, when we see each other, we hug, sure. I see my friends multiple times a week. I just don't see how this calls for the same kind of greeting. I don't need to physically embrace a friend and put my lips on their face every time we greet or part. The handshake has gotten a bit out of control, too. If it's convenient or some...
I think all this stimulus mixed with strange incentives (taxes, cheap money, etc) will drag out the bottom. If the market were free to correct, it would probably go down another 10% in the next 18 months, but instead, we'll just see 0% growth for 3 straight years.
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