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It's all slop, but some marginally better slop can be found at Burrito Beach. It's in the large food court in Terminal 3.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Porsche's iconic vehicle remains the 911. It is so because it is a legend on the track. And one of the things that makes it fast on the track also makes the thing a bitch to drive if you don't know what you're doing - that is the rear engine and the need to stay on the gas or you'll spin the thing. I understand the place in the lineup for a more affordable Porsche, even if that means putting the engine in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Without a rear engine, though, I sort of just don't really get it. Because it makes sense? Porsche's best vehicle has the engine in the middle.
I bet the Panamera out performs everything else in its class.. However, most people don't buy those kinds of vehicles for pure performance. Maybe it's the for the guy who has a GT3 in the garage and whose wife drives a Cayenne Turbo. He can drop the S550 and stay brand loyal.
If you are happy, then don't switch. With a new shirt maker, I would expect that you'd spend a lot of money on the first few iterations of poorly fitting shirts only to end up with someone like what you already have. Fit is the most difficult aspect of custom shirts, and if Hemrajani is meeting your needs and producing a well-fitting shirt, why change? I also think that Hemrajani has a pretty decent selection of fabrics. They don't have the highest quality fabrics,...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles That's what I meant - the Signature Visa debit card. It's great. I didn't even know about the 2% back actually. I got it for the lack of fees and travel-friendly conditions. Edit: I was wrong, I only have the debit not the Visa. That's alright though, I like my Amex rewards for domestic, and no-fee Schwab Visa debit for international. The Signature Visa does soudn excellent though. I recently switched...
Capri. All of the tour groups clear out by 5pm when the last ferries depart, so it's not that bad.
Charles Schwab Visa does fee-less foreign transactions and is a great 2% cash back card on top of that. I recently replaced my Amex Blue card with this Schwab card.
Pediwear is easy. I have placed two orders and never paid additional fees or tariffs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock Im not necessarily blaming the ISPs. Like you, I can download certain things very fast. Torrents and DLs from Microsoft are coming it at 2-3 Mb/sec. I guess this all comes down to my beef with Youtube's video/sound quality being shit. Most everything posted on YouTube is user generated content, which means everyday people are producing the stuff. They are not professionals and they do not have very...
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