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Quote: Originally Posted by NaTionS Am I missing the significance of the blood dripping on the dress at the end? It can't be the Skinner's blood. Maybe it's just foreshadowing that Dexter's gonna kill again in the future? To me it said that the each have their own secrets (hers being a previous marriage, his being murder). This sort of wrapped up that story line about her first marriage. It also foreshadows the killing yet to come.
Quote: Originally Posted by phildo 8. Ellen Allien - Sool (Best post-human record 2008) I also enjoyed this.. but I find it difficult to rate some of these just-ok albums as this years best. In a different year, they wouldn't make the list. TV on the Radio - Dear Science is also just-ok.
MGMT - Oracular Spectacular got old quick I always found Vampire Weekend slightly lacking Coldplay I didn't enjoy Portishead - Three was good Jamie Lidell - Jim was excellent Hot Chip - Made in the Dark was decent, but not their best effort. It did grow on me, though. The Notwist - The Devil, You + Me was good, but not really "Best of" good. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colors could only make "Best of" list because it was a weak year. Overall, this was a good year to dig in the...
I'm a bit surprised by this finale. Dexter talked Ramon Prado down right after he put a gun in his face? If Miguel told Ramon to protect him from Dexter, and then Miguel ends up dead a couple days later, isn't that hard to look past? Also, the skinner confrontation was a let down.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJmanbearpig This is like asking what is the best frozen pizza. I like Amy's.
Ken Block is a stud. I've seen that video dozens of times, and I still can't get enough of it.
I don't see how a 30 minute session would be of any use. If you want to spend a few extra dollars to get motivated and learn a few exercises, then go for the full hour. After the trainer shows you what you are capable of, and after you start to see some results, you'll probably be able to handle it all on your own.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauby -1 on Hopleaf. Had terrible, terrible service when I was there with friends. Was my first visit...and last. The service there is bad. Don't go for the service.
Quote: Originally Posted by ltb haven't seen hopleaf mentioned yet. it's a bit out of the way compared to a lot of the other recommendations (much farther north, while the others tend to be in the heart of the city). good food, lots of beers. The Hopleaf is great, and I strongly recommend The Maproom in Bucktown (beer only, but incredible) and Jerry's in Wicker Park (beer and sandwiches, both are incredible)
Quote: Originally Posted by w.mj God, what a terrible finale. During the first season, the fantasy element made the series work even if Vince was the all-conquering hero. Now, having seen that for two or three seasons, the show needs some sort of depth, and after hinting at it all season, they totally threw it away. The best moments of the show always had a sort of melancholy, do-we-really-deserve-this feel, and it just seems so wrong for the season to...
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