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Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade This is terrible advice. If you're getting a match, you should contribute enough to get the maximum match. Otherwise you're throwing away money. In hindsight, the same could be said for those who got their match. I kid.. sorta.. Anyway, to the OP, I am in a somewhat similar situation. I started playing with small contributions in and out of my 401k when I was 18 (mid dot com boom), but I am 27 right...
This is indeed what a majority of the country voted for. People are idiots, and they really do want idiotic policy a lot of the time. How else can you explain the last 8 years?
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Pediwear's prices are currently lower anyway, no? Only benchgrade are cheaper from Pedi which is why I don't include a price with discount for those in my estimates.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 The soldiers are another matter entirely. I find myself wondering the same thing. These soldiers probably die anyway. So the future hasn't been altered. Also, it is possible to make slight changes, but fate will always course correct. If you save someone's life, then something else will kill them. If you try to kill someone who is alive on the other side, then something/someone will intervene to...
Quote: Originally Posted by sfnewbie Did it ever explain how Ben got off the island? And I think Hurley is hilarious. Without him the show would be too serious imo. ben turned the wheel and landed in the desert.
Quote: Originally Posted by vitaminc what's the typical lead time from ordering to shipment for pediwear? 2 weeks from order to delivery for me.
Updated with 1/26 Conversion Rates. Everything is a few bucks cheaper than last week: Shoe cost + Shipping cost * Foreign Currency Transaction Fee * Conversion Rate = Total cost Benchgrade (Hallam): Plal: 1199MYR + 115MYR * 1.03 * .276 = $373.54 Pedi: 216.51GBP * 1.03 * 1.38 = $312.21 Handgrade (Audley): Plal: 1499MYR * 1.03 * .276 = $426.13 Pedi: 306.08GBP * 1.03 * 1.38 = $435.06 Pedi w/ Pricematching: 1499MYR * 0.200 * 0.95 * 1.03 * 1.38 =...
This season started with two hours paced like late-season episodes. Great start.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doral How did Pediwear handle the customs charges on your shipments to the U.S. Did you have to pay anything when they arrived? No customs charges. The shoes arrived in the original box wrapped in a couple layers of heavy paper. No customs due upon delivery, and no customs invoice received 2 months after delivery.
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