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I was very close to pulling the trigger on a LT bag that was on Gilt last year. I kinda wish that I did. I ended up with an incredibly cheap Jack Spade bag off of Gilt that does the trick, but I have a bit of non-buyers remorse over the missed LT opportunity.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Now that everyone seems to be back on the island, I really hope they settle on a time period already. The time-hopping was fun for a while but the novelty has worn off. I agree. I think we've reached a static environment. The whole serious should be broken into three parts: trying to get off the island, trying to get back to the island, and now phase three, which is yet to be defined. I hope...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin $60 for Verizon evdo access, employer pays for most of it though. Used to pay $100+ a month for a fast DSL pipe. I miss it sometimes. Wow. Is the reliability, latency, and overall speed of the evdo access tolerable? I tether with my Blackberry all the time on Verizon's EVDO network, and it's really not all that great for me. I have 8/2 through Comcast for ~50/mo bundled with my phone and tv.
I have the worst luck with slim fitting polo's that are long enough. A small is always too short, and a medium is usually too boxy. I'll probably give this a try.
Quote: Originally Posted by hammer07 I want to see UCONN take out Pitt or UNC in the final. Are we going to have a SF bracket? I would participate, but I vote for Yahoo Sports. ESPN.com is atrocious.
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology Juliet's face reminds me of one of those treasure trolls with the funky hair. I've been wondering about the statue too, I'm assuming they will tell us eventually. I think it's good to have some old mysteries still instead of just having a bunch of newly concocted stuff. I liked this episode though. Lost is one of those shows though that I'd prefer to watch the entire season just sitting down at once. When...
I quickly threw together the following spreadsheet which calculates the prices in real time using yahoo finance's up to the minute exchange rates. Prices include applicable shipping (115MYR for non-handgrade Plal C&J's, no shipping on any C&J shoe for Pediware). A 5% discount is built in to the Pediware price if Plal has the shoe for cheaper. Plal/Pediware Price Catalog Unfortunately, Google Spreadsheets does not really do Autofilter, so list view is the best I can do...
I dropped the prices on the two remaining items.
I do not have any fit pics... sorry. Penguin jacket is sold.
I have the following items for sale. Everything was worn by me, a non-smoker, and everything was kept in a non-smoker home. All prices include shipping to the CONUS. I accept Paypal and Google Checkout.. PM me for the info. I can usually ship same day as long as payment arrives by midday. I am located in Wicker Park in Chicago if anyone wants to arrange to pick up an item. I measured all of these items with the following methods: waist of jeans: top of waist band all the...
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