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SOLD: Medium Double Breasted Wool Nom De Guerre Shawl Collar Peacoat in grey. This NdG peacoat is made of a very nice thick wool and is quite warm. As you'd expect with Nom De Guerre, the construction and materials are high quality. The peacoat was warn up to 30 times over 3 years and is in excellent condition. The fit is slim/snug with a trim waist. I am 6' 150lbs and the jacket fits like a slim fitting peacoat should. Price: $375 Measurements: Chest: 19.5 Sleeve:...
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith At the party, when Draper first encountered Campbell, he told him not to hand out any business cards. This shows Draper as being at a more sophisticated level than Campbell, who was born into that social level. When I look at where Draper came from, I can't connect the dots to put him from there to where he is now. How is it possible that Draper knows all the moves? He rarely missteps socially or when...
Kids are naturally inclined to throw a punch or two throughout their childhood and don't need encouragement from their parents. It sends the wrong message to instruct your child to hit someone else for any reason.
Quote: Originally Posted by feynmix Any opinions for internet service providers in NYC? I hate Time Warner as a company, so I refuse to give them even a penny. What about Verizon or RCN? I'd take Verizon FiOS over any other option. Great speed for relatively low cost.
Gentoo since 2004... Started with Slackware in 1997. Did the Free/OpenBSD thing for a few years in between.
I went for my second fitting last week. The shirt had some obvious errors probably due to a typo in the sizing. Also, the shirt was not even close to slim fit, and when I suggested we take in the sides, I was immediately met with "No, that's not something we should do". I eventually got my way, and I think they are remaking the shirt from scratch.
It's all slop, but some marginally better slop can be found at Burrito Beach. It's in the large food court in Terminal 3.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Porsche's iconic vehicle remains the 911. It is so because it is a legend on the track. And one of the things that makes it fast on the track also makes the thing a bitch to drive if you don't know what you're doing - that is the rear engine and the need to stay on the gas or you'll spin the thing. I understand the place in the lineup for a more affordable Porsche, even if that means putting the engine in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Without a rear engine, though, I sort of just don't really get it. Because it makes sense? Porsche's best vehicle has the engine in the middle.
I bet the Panamera out performs everything else in its class.. However, most people don't buy those kinds of vehicles for pure performance. Maybe it's the for the guy who has a GT3 in the garage and whose wife drives a Cayenne Turbo. He can drop the S550 and stay brand loyal.
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