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It's the inconsistency that gets me, although I own a couple of their shirts that are all over the shop. Seems to be more of an issue with lighter fabrics. I have a light Gingham one and it's really shoddy.    When they get it right though, I still haven't found an OCBD that I prefer. 
 I know. Really don't understand it. Just the pocket or collar on a white shirt? Ok, maybe. But that Frankenshirt... yeesh.
 Sorry, man. Didn't make it Garbstore in the end. Might be worth asking Need Supply? They have a live chat thing. I used to enquire about the Printed Dot Oxford (which I ended up buying). In other news, the Gitman Made To Measure shirts have shipped!!
 I'm going to Garbstore at the weekend. I think they stock them so i'll check for you. 
 Cool. Thanks. I have the pin dot shirt and its quite light weight. I'm after the rough, heavier cloth they use on the 'standard' Oxfords. Might try and find a store in London that has them so I can check it out. Also really liking the new Journal Standard collection on End at the moment. That star print is lovely. 
Anyone seen one of these in the flesh?   Printed Dot Oxford http://www.endclothing.co.uk/brands/gitman-vintage/gitman-vintage-printed-dot-oxford-shirt.html   Are they the same as the regular blue oxford? The fabric looks slightly lighter and softer. http://www.endclothing.co.uk/brands/gitman-vintage/gitman-vintage-oxford-shirt-112214.html   Thanks!
Gah - would have loved the Olive one with a shorter collar in small.
 I like the second one! Would be better with a button down collar though.
This is nice.     http://www.couvertureandthegarbstore.com/Product/?p=7790&i=9133
 Yeah, I like the look of the shorter collar. I requested one on my Hill-Side Made-To-Order one. And I love their floral prints too. Went with this... 
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