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 That's a great haul for the money! I have the Oxford with the printed dot. Love that shirt. And the Hula girl one is great - never wanted to pay full price for it, but under $50? Damn. I'm jealous.
 This is so on point. And it's not just sample sales - concert tickets, limited edition kicks, limited edition prints, pop-up restaurants...
Made to order service   http://gitmanvintage.com/pages/made-to-order#step1
 I didn't see a single shirt I wanted - you didn't miss much (IMO)
Warehouse sale   http://gitmanvintage.com/collections/warehouse
 Or adding the size tag after they've washed the shirts?
Love the product description on Gentry.   http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/gitman-vintage/products/japanese-indigo-1   "The beauty of Gitman Vintage is once you have one, you play no size guessing games for years to come. The fabric weight may vary from season to season and year to year, but the fit is always there."   Err, OK.
 Thanks. Some nice ones in there, and a few shockers. Liberty in London have started stocking Gitman again so I bough the snowflake one a few weeks ago. Really like it. The Indigo Checkerboard one is really nice too, but the fabric is extremely heavy. One for the really cold months.
Anyone tried one of the Mackintosh cotton Dunkeld's?   I was put off by the rubberised fabric making them unbearable to wear on the tube, so like the idea of cotton. Also, I wouldn't be wearing it over a suit so like the slimmer cut (although the one in this pic is maybe pushing it...)    
I didn't like it, but saw a different shot on the Acrimony site...   http://images.shopacrimony.com/47875/view_larger/gitman-bros-vintage-floral-motif-2.jpg?1406147585   ...and now I like it a lot!   And you can guarantee that it'll make the sale. I'd just wait a few months and get one when the price drops.
New Posts  All Forums: