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 Or at least name the cuts/styles - slim, medium, regular, something like that - and standardise all of them. I own about 10 of their shirts - so much variation.
 Well some do but some don't. It's pretty annoying! I just sold one of the Journal Standard colab shirts from last year as it was a bit too wide, BUT I also just returned one of the new Journal Standard colabs (the polka dot one) as it was incredibly tight. Both size small.
 Not a bad idea! My uncle was a store manager at Liberty back in the day (70s - 80s) so would often get my Mum rolls and offcuts of fabric for free. Always remember having a pair of really worn out jeans and her lining the holes with Liberty fabric so it showed through, and on the cuffs. Pretty dope thinking back. I think Edwin did a similar thing pretty recently in fact! So Ma' was clearly ahead of the curve.
 Same. Annoying that Liberty don't stock it. Actually, Liberty don't stock Gitman anymore full stop. Word to never buying them full price though. I own about 10 of their shirts, and the only one I paid full price for was the Hill Side made to order one.
 Nope, not really. And I only really wear 3 pairs of those jeans regularly.
I have quite a few. Like to have 1 or 2 pairs in newish condition, and a few well worn in.   Newish... Momotaro 0701 ByBeatle volume 1   Worn in... Pure Blue Japan x Blue in Green XX-013 Edwin Nashville Studio D'Artisan 103   Beaters/decorating/ready for the bin jeans... Samurai 0500 Tellason Ladbroke Grove (never liked them though)
 It's actually for a wedding in Cyprus with a casual dress code. The heat will be crazy so may not wear a blazer at all. I have two ties I was considering - one is knitted, the other is a Hill-Side one with a pretty crazy print, but the oxford is white so I think it could work...  Anyway, thanks for the advice!
Anyone every wear a tie with a Gitman Bros. Vintage OCBD? Concerned the knot might look a bit weird with the collar being fairly big.
It's the inconsistency that gets me, although I own a couple of their shirts that are all over the shop. Seems to be more of an issue with lighter fabrics. I have a light Gingham one and it's really shoddy.    When they get it right though, I still haven't found an OCBD that I prefer. 
 I know. Really don't understand it. Just the pocket or collar on a white shirt? Ok, maybe. But that Frankenshirt... yeesh.
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