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 Thanks. Some nice ones in there, and a few shockers. Liberty in London have started stocking Gitman again so I bough the snowflake one a few weeks ago. Really like it. The Indigo Checkerboard one is really nice too, but the fabric is extremely heavy. One for the really cold months.
Anyone tried one of the Mackintosh cotton Dunkeld's?   I was put off by the rubberised fabric making them unbearable to wear on the tube, so like the idea of cotton. Also, I wouldn't be wearing it over a suit so like the slimmer cut (although the one in this pic is maybe pushing it...)    
I didn't like it, but saw a different shot on the Acrimony site...   http://images.shopacrimony.com/47875/view_larger/gitman-bros-vintage-floral-motif-2.jpg?1406147585   ...and now I like it a lot!   And you can guarantee that it'll make the sale. I'd just wait a few months and get one when the price drops.
 Although, I do find with darker overdyed shirts that the elbows tend to fade, especially if you wear them at work.
 I just wash them much hotter than my other shirts. They don't shrink, and the fabric is tough enough to stand it. I also usually wait and wash it with other whites - so things like towels that I can't also wash super hot.
 Looks amazing, but I have the same issue as you. Same with the mustard yellow one End stock.
 Or at least name the cuts/styles - slim, medium, regular, something like that - and standardise all of them. I own about 10 of their shirts - so much variation.
 Well some do but some don't. It's pretty annoying! I just sold one of the Journal Standard colab shirts from last year as it was a bit too wide, BUT I also just returned one of the new Journal Standard colabs (the polka dot one) as it was incredibly tight. Both size small.
 Not a bad idea! My uncle was a store manager at Liberty back in the day (70s - 80s) so would often get my Mum rolls and offcuts of fabric for free. Always remember having a pair of really worn out jeans and her lining the holes with Liberty fabric so it showed through, and on the cuffs. Pretty dope thinking back. I think Edwin did a similar thing pretty recently in fact! So Ma' was clearly ahead of the curve.
 Same. Annoying that Liberty don't stock it. Actually, Liberty don't stock Gitman anymore full stop. Word to never buying them full price though. I own about 10 of their shirts, and the only one I paid full price for was the Hill Side made to order one.
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