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 Yeah, they didn't technically offer them with the Hill-Side MTO but I emailed and asked and they did it for me. But yeah, wish I hadn't. But the shirts are both in S so it's not super pronounced.
 They do - they call them a Key collar. I got one with buttons when they did the The Hill-Side collaboration. In retrospect, I should have stuck with the longer collar. The shorter collar doesn't feel right with the rest of the shirt's fit (on me. anyway). I also have a short collar on a black Oxford which has a roomier fit than my Hill-Side one and it's highlighted more with that shirt. The shirt looks quite full throughout the body but then very short and neat around the...
 Yeah. Why did they do that? So poor. I noticed a Tupac print too on their Instagram, but maybe that was a collab with a shop or something.  Quite like the Aqua Dot and multicolour Madras, but that's about it.
Did anyone pick up the Daisy Cord shirt? Measurements seem quite wide. Thinking of sizing down.
 I work with a guy who had a similar issue. He tried the Made To Order service and it worked well for him. 
 Agreed. I'd keep it though! Looks good.
They can be inconsistent, but when they fit well they're my favourite. Slim, but not overly so.If you have a skinny torso they won't be great.
 That's a great haul for the money! I have the Oxford with the printed dot. Love that shirt. And the Hula girl one is great - never wanted to pay full price for it, but under $50? Damn. I'm jealous.
 This is so on point. And it's not just sample sales - concert tickets, limited edition kicks, limited edition prints, pop-up restaurants...
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