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For some reason I developed some kind of alcohol intolerance. One glass of Bourbon will give me a massive hangover the next day. Can't get my head around it why I developed this condition. Makes me drink less, because it is just not always worth the headache for me..
I shave to the maximum possible with the trimmer every 2-3 weeks. I don't go over it with a razorblade though. Have had this hairstyle since I've been working. Never had a problem with it.
Thanks guys.
Hey guys, just a quick question about purchasing a barbell for home use. I have the option of an olympic bar. This one is 220 cm long and 50 mm wide (20 kg weight). They also have the same bar, but then 180 cm x 50 mm. It is not a weak bar or something, it is based on the 220 cm bar, but just shorter to aid people with less space at home. Now please tell me, is it really that much more beneficial to use a 220 cm bar over a 180 cm bar? Money is not the problem, but I don't...
Meh, by that logic you can also say that it is another American misrepresenting Americans. For me, it is just one guy, misrepresenting himself and nothing more than that.
lol, you expected a Kim Kardashian thread to be SFW? Anyway, the track is horrible, vid is pretty good stuff though.
Of course man, totally agree that violence is always wrong. It is also correct that he was arrested. I do feel though that something happened that triggered this guy into a rant and acting all mad. That's why I don't buy the ne-gu/nigger comment, which makes the old guy come across as a saint. This old guy probably told this guy in a very rude manner to 'shut up' and the guy just didn't take it (as most people from Western countries wouldn't to be honest)Violence is always...
Don't hold it back man. Just spit it out to the Styleforvm what you think about that dirty nigger. Seriously man, Ive been looking at some comments about this video and it never ceases to surprise me that so many people carry racist feelings inside them. The whole internet is about this 'dirty nigger', 'fucking monkey', 'black agression' etc. In reality, it doesn't matter for my judgment if he is a black or white guy, but apparently many feel the need to stress that he is...
I'm currently at my first job and I've been here for 3.5 years. But this is my 3rd job within this company, so it is not as if I've been sitting still. Pay has increased as well over the years. I cannot see myself in this particular job for more than 2 years actually, so if I can move up here I might consider it. Otherwise, I'm looking at a different company.
Yes. And so-so.
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