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I would love to see how it looks ;)
Hey, I am not a 100% sure but I think the brand name of the handbag is LOEWE.
Why would you need a designer jeans so that it would fit together? Try it with the jeans you have and see if it goes well together if not you might want to go into a shop, wearing your blazer of course, and see if you like it. You might also go into an Armani store (or any other designer store) to compare the outcome.   I think it would fit perfectly with a normal jeans.   Regarding the label: it sounds authentic to me. Armani has got many different kind of labels like...
 At the end of the day you shouldnt feel bad just because other people wouldnt like your style. It's fashion, you just cannot like everything. Personally, I like classy clothes although I rather wear let's say 'punk rock clothes'. Looking forward to the pictures
 Well, I think that your clothes alone doesn't make them turn their had. Obviously, you got a huge portion of self-esteem cause you are feeling good when wearing an alternative to the fashion style that is common for where you live. I bet this makes you behave differently, which may be more impressive for other people without you even noticing it. And I also would like to see some pics of you :)
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