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Hi guys,   Does anyone know/is able to recognize if these boots are goodyear?   Thanks!
Is your real body waist around 31.5/32? If so no stress is applied on the jean hence no big stretching, and this is compatible with being able to stretch up to 2'' if you are very tight at the beginning..
Lol exactly, small Gustin world I guess!  OK so your experience is basically <15Oz and ready to suffer, you can expect a 2'' stretch. I hope it will work for the Black2!
 Haha, thanks!
Hi, I'm Massi, I live in Paris. I joined the forum so I can get some advice on sizing raw denim, suits etc! 
Hi guys! I'm new here, so thanks for the thread and all the feedback!   I usually wear 519 levis 31x34, so it is more like skinny/slim.   Here's the size after +1year of wearing: 34 x 21.4 x 15.7 x 13.8. That's my sweet spot.   Gustin slim fit 32 will be ok after 1'' stretching on the waist but too large on thighs. Gustin slim fit 31 will fit better on thighs but is very tight on the waist.   Basically I can completely close the 32 whereas I'll probably won't be...
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