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Thank you. The jeans I got look great with it.
 Im ruderr. I check out this site a lot to get answers to fashion questions. Most are already answered for me. I am in my early 30's and just started to wear suits for work. I mostly am trying to buy nice suits on ebay for cheap. Any leads or suggestions are most welcome. That's it.
  Jut got a dark olive 100% virgin wool Giorgio Armani blazer off Ebay and wondering if I can wear it with regular Levi's or do I need Armani or other designer jean? Can people In the "know" tell? Also, is there anyway to verify if it is an authentic Armani blazer?  It has a tag on the right inside pocket above that says Giorgio Armani made in Italy, black letters white label. On the left side it has a Saks Fifth Avenue above pocket on black tag white cursive. Below pocket...
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