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Thanks..although I'll have to do online now. It's crazy how they are releasing at like 15 gaps in ny but 0 within 90 miles of Philly...
where at? Can't find anywhere
Definitely copping grey villain, olive crew, baseball jacket, and the tees. Anyone know what store will carry this collab in the south jersey Philly area?
damn man I just returned an XL...and was not able to get a large so I had to get a large black...damn that would've been perfect to swap cause I really wanted grey
That's awesome news...I'll have to get u-necks in midnight and dune and prolly a midnight villain. Btw if anyone is interested I have a brand new black villain size L coming my way but would much rather have grey in a size L. They were out of stock tho. If anyone would be interested in trading a grey villain for a black let me know!
really? I think they're super soft...btw if anyone is interested I have a black villain size L coming in that I'd like to trade for a large grey if anyone's interested
me too it is from next
I know I said this before but I'm 6'4" and range in weight. From 170-190. Ordered two villains yesterday in XL. I don't want them to be like skin tight. Did I make the right move?
good look my man i was on the fence about villians but u just convinced me to get sand and grey
I'm sry to be annoying but my two escobars are the black quilted one and the grey quilted ones. Would the new ones fit like them or smaller? I have larges in both but would prefer them to be a bit slimmer. Will the navy be restocking?
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