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Quick question...do u guys find that the crew neck tees fit smaller than the U necks? I have all u-necks in larges and have some room but it's a nice drapey kind of look. I could probably wear a medium for a more fitted look. Was thinking about buying some medium crewneck tees off a friend but then I looked at the measurements and thought they might b small since they seem a little but shorter than the u neck tees.
Definitely copping the charcoal long sleeve U neck
If anyone wants the gap baseball jacket for 25% off hit me up brand new L
As long as his brand maintains a fairly decent price point it will continue to be my go to!
I'm new to leather jackets but I picked up this toj and wanted to see what u more experienced guys think of the fit. It seems slightly big in the torso but I am about 15 lbs under my usual weight right now so I think I'll fill it in perfectly.
So I've been looking for a nice leather jacket for a while now. I Just bought a toj on eBay...hopefully it fits well. I really love the look of their jackets but a year plus wait is not feasible to me so I'd rather get it preowned...saved some money too. I'll update with pics when I get it! Real excited.
the gap uneck compared to JE fits very similar and materials feel very similar. Most notable difference is that the u-neck and curved hem are more extreme on actual JE u-necks. But fit wise I would say same size. It seems like the gap sweatshirts fit more boxy than JE but the tees are nice and slim. My favorite pieces from this collab after getting it in aare the tees.
i bought both tees and feel that they fit very similar to JE tees. I own two u necks and the u neck from the gap collection fits very similar. The material even feels similar with that real light stretchy feel. The white one seemed slightly slimmer and longer. After getting the two tees, olive crew, and varsity jacket, the tees are my favorites from the gap collab without a doubt. The jacket just seems very wide in the body.
If anyone picked up the grey gap hoodie collab in a L and wants to sell it please pm me. Bought everything else but that was sold out and it's the only color villain I need.
I dunno but I'll take it if u don't like it
New Posts  All Forums: