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ive heard ppl say u can and they have...prolly just depends if u got one in ur area. From what I hear they just like add extra rubber crepe shit onto it and then reshape it to the original shape...
why is that funny? U can resole crepe...here's a company that does it
i have a feeling that the medium pair u ordered was the older fit which was about a size bigger. If u ordered a medium of the current fit like from JE website they'll prolly be better
is micro modal the same thing as cotton? I'm just wondering cause my grey uneck says 38%micro modal and I swore it feels different then the expo tee I just got. Unless it's just worn in?
bro I sold the cps bc these look better hands down. The cps were more comfortable but the flippin sole looked black after two hours of wear.
the thing is if he says grey suede is available u can get it for any style of the boots
yea ur right I wear a medium in all of the previous u-necks in every color besides for the comix ones I go up to a large. If they keep using this new composition for all of the grey tees I wonder if I'll need to order large grey unecks for now on bc the material is definitely stiffer/less drapey than before.
Actually I just looked at the site and it looks like the grey t shirts are now all the same fabric as the expo tee I recieved but the other colors all have the same composition as previous tees. Whelp that kinda sucks hopefully more people notice that their grey t shirts don't feel the same as they used to and maybe they'll go back to the old blend with the micro modal instead of cotton.
So the grey expo tee does have different composition than the other grey u neck tees I have. It has cotton instead of micro modal. The tags pictured are of a grey uneck and grey expo. The expo is with the cotton and I thought it felt shitty and not luxurious at all. No different then ur average t shirt imo. I just hope this wasn't a change across the board for all their grey tees. I'm happy I returned the grey expo for a black large expo since the composition of them is...
yes the normal grey from what I can tell is not the same material as grey unecks
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