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im like a 12.5-13 but with nikes like air forces i can go 12. cps i get 45 and they are tight at first then stretch nicely. u might be able to fit them but would prolly be safer with 46
i know right
im a true 12.5-13 although i rarely wear 13. i have achilles lows, highs, and chelseas all in 45 and i would say they all fit perfect. tight at first but then break in perfectly. the chelseas break in a little more easily.
yes...its also very easy to use a shoe stretcher to get like a half size
def medium
u gotta size down as much as u can so they are tight against ur legs. if they are loose on ur legs at all they just flop to the bottom and it looks like shit
to me 45 are tight as hell when i first get them but after some wear they are perfect
anyone have the spring denim in 31 they trying to slide me?
i guess i worded that wrong. it was meant to be towards that guy who posted, sarcastically, cause hes a tank lol
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