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seriously lol I mean hot damn I didn't really adjust it perfectly for the picture...I think it's a pretty great jacket especially for 400$.
appreciate ur constructive criticism. Could you show me how your leather motorcycle jacket fits so I'm aware of how it should?
could u give me an example of a double zip? im just not sure wat u mean by that. thanks.edit: i think i kno wat u mean...so i can leave the bottom few inches unzipped correct?
i did think it couldve been a bit long but im 6'4" 170. and its slightly long and tight. the exact opposite of my usual issues with jackets. i wonder the size of the original buyer. he mustve been super tall and sooo skinny
I posted this in the TOJ thread to some response but I thought I'd throw it up here to for thoughts on sizing. The waist is fairly tight and the arms a bit restricting but it hasn't been broken in yet at all. It is very thick leather so I'm hoping when it wears in it'll stretch and soften a little bit. Any opinions or recommendations to speed up stretching?
canada woat
And the leather of the jacket is very thick. This thing can literally stand up on its own
thanks man that makes me feel better...it's just funny bc I'm 6'4" and I wear 32 waist jeans and the length on the jacket is perfect it's just tight on my waist and a little constricting with arm movement. I feel like whoever had it made must've been suuuuper lanky lol cause I know I already am lanky. On the plus side I can tell it hasn't been worn much to break it in so I'm thinking it will soften up and stretch a decent bit
yeah it's olive colored from TOJ from a few years back but I bought it secondhand so I don't know the official color name. No the shoulders aren't roped.
Do u guys think this jacket fits well? The waist is a bit tight around my hips but I've never broken in like a real thick heavy leather like this. Will it stretch and loosen up a bit?
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