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I honestly just love more colors of unecks coming, also I'm curious about the engineer pants but im guessing they'll b too short
take a wild guess
The whole thing is sizing is a lot of personal preference. Most people don't even know what their exact "true to size" size is. Like damn average out everyone's opinions lol and ur like 1/2 size down. Just go with that. It'll work just fine. Also suede boots can be stretched up to one whole size so it's not awful if they're tight at first.
its a personal preference...I will. Just bc then the leather won't wear down and they will have better grip. Leather soled shoes are incredibly slippery on hard flooring or carpet.
I dunno I just think bc of the narrow toe box it would be hard to go down from ur cp size but I guess everyone's different
Everybody needs to relax just a little bit with sizing, it's not all that complicated. I order 45 in almost every shoe I ever buy and can always make them work lol. I would say they fit like common projects achilles.
yea i would prefer a 45.5 but a 45 is acceptable
in my opinion, yes. i am a 12.5US and wear 45 cps which are usually snug at first until they break in. these feel the same in a 45. tight at first but will break in nicely
crazy good. puts saint laurent paris, balenciaga, louboutin, mmm all to shame for a third of the price. not that i honestly care at all about the packaging but it still shows the care that goes into them. just as a heads up for anyone whos boots are tight i would say i am a true 12.5 and the 45 were tight on my toes. i put on 4 pairs of socks and put the boots on and then heated them up with a blowdryer for like 5 min and let them cool for like 15 mins. wen i took off all...
The chelseas are so dope. Come with regular leather sole but he included a rubber one if u want it. Shape comparison
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