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exactly...some of the seasons of slp the cropped shaft goes slightly above the strap and they look nice like that imo. i think like a mid would be sick if it went like 1" above the strap. but yea i like wen the denim sits lower but its not a big enough deal to stop me from buying the regular jods in the new colors lol.
why would that be fire? Lol who cares wat the tag says honestly
I wish the straps sat a bit lower on both the high and low jods but mostly the highs
you are right in that when worn, they both look very similar. I hate how ssometiimes you can see skin between jeans and cropped jods. I have the cropped ones in black, walnut, and tan. When the new suede colors come out I'm gonna get the regular jods in tobacco and grey
god these disappointed
ur a lame duck
incredibly obvious...I know if I use the loop it will rip right off sooner then later
yea I own slp boots and SEF. The shape is very comparable but def sleeker on slp. However I wouldn't call them bulbous at all
i wish there was a straight side view
Here's my uneck collection...getting crazy lol. Also how I hang them prevents shoulder bumps perfectly
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