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Bought the olive u-neck. Have been looking for an olive scoopneck forever so this is perfect. I hope it's more olivey in person if u know what I mean. I feel like online it almost looks like there's a hint of blue to it. Like almost an olive mixed with like a sea foam kinda color. Either way I'm sure it'll be sick
Nuthin... want something like this in a lighter weight denim 36" inseam and skinny...I know it's a lot to ask lol
Just as an update on all the suggestions, ksubi and acne don't have any long inseams, and rag and bone, united stock, and rogue territory don't have any light washes. So I struck out. Thanks anyway
i would get nudies but only want high kai or tape ted fits and they never have good washes that the 33/36 isnt sold out. yeezy, does acne have a 36 inseam? i got ksubi chitchs and the inseam was like 32.5" so i returned them.
no ill have to check i just also need a skinny fit
I really wish n+f made washes of jeans. Like stonewashed etc. they would make a killing since it's very difficult to find washed denim with long inseams. I love all my skinny guys after a little taper. Just wish they had different washes. Only other real option is dior and I only buy them on eBay cause I'm not spending like 700 on jeans. Will gladly spend like 200 but not much more.
Converse, louboutin, puma, honestly I'm pretty sure every sneaker maker does it
Common projects, balenciaga does it, vans does it, Buscemi, nike on some shoes
how tall r u?
Really sick fit! I wanna buy so bad but I'm 6'4" and I think they'll be too short. Shit sucks...I wish they had length options or at least just like a 36" inseam and u could hem it how u like.
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