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i think the issue most people have, or at least my issue, is when the prices of new JE are out of wack with older JE without any real justification for it. i understand that they have evolved and become a bigger brand but i really thought they filled a nice void between basic mall brands and high end fashion. it was always a reasonable price point for high end clothes but now they seem to be headed towards more high end fashion house prices which is their perogative, just...
iit is useless
anyone get the new terrain jeans in yet? very curious to see real pics
did u try to talk to customer service? something seems off
im 6'4" 170 and wear large in terry items and medium in tshirts and it works out perfect for me
it kinda sucks that prices keep going up and up...i was looking forward to the harlots but i dont know if they are worth it to me at that price
those knee rips are pretty fire
what color is oak? is it grey or is there more brown to it?
im watching it and its people stamding around...did they already walk?
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