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dude if ur that nitpicky I wouldn't suggest buying something mto. U seem like u need to see it in person before buying or ull just pick it apart
can u possibly post a better pic of the color specifically? Thanks looks great
so im wondering if the sizing guide was correct then? It said a medium waist was 18.5" which is ridiculously big lol and the inseams are sooo short
i agree to it needs to be either nylon or thinner leather
that sounds great...ill take all new colors of unecks:slayer:
I don't get why the inseams are soooo short...a large is like a 9" rise with 31" inseam. That wouldn't even reach my ankles.
I wanna get the engineer pants but I'm hoping they are long enough for me at 6'4"
what do u mean? I gave him body measurements and used another jackets measurements combined with his suggested measurements to figure out what I wanted to do. It's just my first time getting a jacket m2m and I'm not sure if I picked the right measurements...but we shall see.
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