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yea I agree with u I have two pairs of the quilted sweats and they're both a bit baggy but still nice
how do you guys feel about the new pacsun brand called "reign and storm"?
thanks I was thinking XL but now I feel L will be goodthanks guys I think an L will be good I'm like 6'4" and like 170 right now but I'm about 15 lbs under weight which I'm sure I'll gain pretty soon so I gotta take that into account
Does anyone that is really tall own a villian hoodie? I'm 6'4" but skinny like 175. Looking at the fit pics above of the guy who's 5'10" I would almost think it wouldn't be long enough on me. I was planning on getting an XL but according to the sizing chart on the site the difference between the L and the XL is only an inch in width across the chest and the lengths are exactly the same. So I kinda think it'll be pointless to size up to an XL if the length is the same as...
that's awesome, I bought mine a few days ago and made a post asking that question. Online it looks like olive green with a little bit of a blueish hue to it. But I'm hoping it's more of like a true olive army green. Good to kno
O ok I understand...figured that it was something like that
no I'm just in nj. I mean I'm sure they've went over the logistics of it. It's just that ups takes a week and usps is typically 2 days. I'm sure the company has thought more into it than me I was just curious. Ups always seems to be the most expensive, slowest shipping.
Just out of curiosity, john elliott, have u guys considered shipping usps or even fedex? Ups is literally like the worst shipping service. So slow and expensive
Bought the olive u-neck. Have been looking for an olive scoopneck forever so this is perfect. I hope it's more olivey in person if u know what I mean. I feel like online it almost looks like there's a hint of blue to it. Like almost an olive mixed with like a sea foam kinda color. Either way I'm sure it'll be sick
Nuthin... want something like this in a lighter weight denim 36" inseam and skinny...I know it's a lot to ask lol
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