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Yea they do go over the top with customer service sometimes, that's great for them but it is crazy so,e of the stuff people complain about. Rufio...what would u like them to do for you?
i have a few long sleeves for sale all worn once or twice. All large longsleeve Grey u neck, charcoal u neck, charcoal extended mercer. Pm for details if interested.
I'm sorry sir but this is not possible. Only first time buyers get the newsletter discount. Our apologies.
medium for sure, the u necks are not too low cut at all imo
i am 6'4" and like 175 and blk dnm in a large fits great, same with Rick Owens intarsias, and I havea toj for sale that the sleeves are just sliightly long on me and would probably be perfect for you if ur interested.
To my man who suggested sizing down on the u-necks, I think leclutch James, thanks lol. Made me crack open that PayPal. Picked up midnight, comix grey, comix white, olive, grey, dune, and waiting for black to restock in M. Mind you im 6'4" 175-180 and the fit on a M is great for a more slim styled look. Thinking about scooping the dune villain then waiting for some new colors in stuff.
How often do they restock the normal basics? (Grey and black U necks in a M)
i have a large charcoal worn once if ud like it under retail
Just out of curiosity I have a blistered lamb high neck intarsia that is pretty thin. I love it bc I have heavier biker jackets for the cold but I'm just wondering will it hold up well? Or does the thinness compromise the integrity?
yessss wats the deal with this
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