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about a 6.5/10
i dont have any of the loopwheel bc i already own all of the regular line in black and grey. if you dont own the piece in the regular terry then its probably more worth it but i couldnt see like owning a black villian and then buying a black loopwheel villian. that wouldnt seem worth it. even if it feels different it looks pretty much identical. for those of you that have both is the difference substantial?
rick Owens intarsia size XL color dark shadow Very slightly used intarsia from Rick Owens. Only reason I'm selling is bc it's slightly to big for me since I'm tall but really skinny. Just looking to recoup my money. I would say it fits between a L and an XL. Would also consider trades for any large intarsias. The leather is so smooth and soft. I'll accept PayPal or meetup. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks
yea I kinda feel like it is too unfortunately
Hey guys I just got this intarsia in the mail and wanted to get some opinions on the fit. It's an XL and I'm 6'4" 175. Although im currently about 10-15lbs under my normal weight. I'm not sure if I should size down to a large. I feel like it might be to tight in the shoulders then. Give me ur opinions! In the last pic I just pulled the waistline out as far as it would go to show how much room I have. Thanks
yea my idea from pricing is the comparison of regular tees to silk tees and the escobar to alma. about 100% markup. but when people are worried its gonna sell out they will be quick to cop them. i dont blame JE as its the smart thing to do. i also have both black and grey almas and while i do love them i couldnt see myself paying full retail. luckily i got one 50% off then the grey during black friday so it was 20% off then another 20 or 25% off. i forget exactly wat it...
lol all these people keep guessing like 225-250$ which I think is waaaay short. I'm guessing 350-400$ and I'll put my official guess on a villain at 368$. U heard it here first!
50% off on mmm eboutique
think about the alma sweats...300$ for the and they are really hyping this loop wheel machine talking about how it will last for life etc. I know as much as anyone else here but I'm guessing 3-350$ and I'm thinking it will be closer to the higher end of that.
absolutely I'm thinking a hoodie will be around 3-350$
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