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mine did they same thing
damn i really wanted the jellyfish shirt but not for 300
could we also please know if the seasonal colors will release in unecks? dont know if i should cop the saguro classic curve or wait for a uneck.
a peach color would be sick for tees. ive always loved pink and other colors like that. could never understand why most guys think that wearing certain colors lessens their masculinity.
this is the best drop in a while imo. love the rider but just cant justify the price for something id only wear occasionally. its dope tho. thinking about picking up the saguro tee but would prefer a uneck.
could anyone tell me if these new colors are going to come in unecks? i dont know if i should get the classic curve or wait for unecks.
i size down one on them
piss off mate:foo:
i didnt think so at all. my 32 feels the same as skittles in 32
if anyone has any pigtail mercers in medium new or old that they want to get off message me. want to buy one or two, just not grey.
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