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just ordered a 45! The consensus is that they run on the bigger side right?
do u have a real muscular upper body? Or bulky? I'm 6'4" 175 and wear large in villains, escobars, and mercer tees and medium in kitos and u-necks
yea I think these are still to bulky and the toe too round. I mean they are a pretty good shape I just wish it was a little more slimmer and pointed. Wish I could see the new tan suedes.
Just found this iro biker for 300€. If it fits it will replace my blk dnm biker
same thoughts here
i dunno man I got the email too and I'm not that impressed...I ordered a pair of chelseas online from another brand called scarosso. I already own their jodhpurs. Quality is on point like a pencil and the shape is A1. I'll post chelseas when I get them if u want
i personally have learned that I prefer to size down on my u-neck tees. I'm 6'4" 175 and wear a large villian hoody and medium u-necks. I think u should get small u necks. I know the mercer is meant for that symmetrical layered look with the villains but I don't really care I like the u necks with them too. I just think the fit of the unecks is so sick and unique. Mercers are nice but they don't do it for me like the uneck tees. I also think the mercers might fit slightly...
was this meant to be in my for sale ad?
ur cclose but no cigar lol. i can do 120 shipped and the mercers arent my favorite so theyve literally been worn once or twice maybe
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