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hey i cant pm u. how can i contact u
thats strange bc im 6'4" 170 and usually wear 32 so i got a 31. getting nervous that theyll be too small now lol. although i would like them significantly tighter than urs
diy a little distressing at the hem...its easy
could u possibly compare the fit to an acne or slp cut? would u say its similar to ace, d02,etc? and the sizing? thanks in advance
grabbed the scarab in 31 since i usually wear a 32 in acne/slp. i hope the legs are tight enough especially the thighs
that wouldnt be possible
thanks bro copping rn
is the scarab grey or blue?
wasnt there a pair of jeans with knee blowouts that were more of a grey color?
why would they be anywhere near that?mthe hanois had way more detail and were 365...
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