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im watching it and its people stamding around...did they already walk?
thanks for those comparison pics, getting me to scoop the dark navy and maroon unecks...gonna wait until tom to see if any other colors drop.
can you let us know if the recent colors dropped will come in all cuts of tees? like will the uneck also get the comix alpine? and can anyone compare midnight tees to one of the new dark navy? i dont see how they could be much different. i want the burgundy uneck but i will wait to buy it until alpine comes out so i can just get both.
the sneakers are alright...they just look way too plain to me considering what they will likely cost. i love cps but i also can regularly get them for 2-300$ which isnt quite as bad as 5-600$ for some reason
oi scooped it too...great deal
damn thick thighs save lives:foo:
i got springs in 31
dope dude
ur being pretty ridiculous about those tiny marks. if u can find something better for the price let us know. ive boughten like 10 different leathers over the past couple years and none in this price range compare imo.
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