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Hey man is there any way you could post a pic of you wearing them and your size? I'm 6'3-4" and skinny like 175. Which size would be best?
i got extremely lucky and found a blk denim leather size L on eBay barely used for 200$. I bought it I'll let you guys know how it looks when it comes in. Thanks!
Could anyone recommend a motto jacket for me? I'm 6'3"-6'4" 175-185 lbs. so obviously I'm tall and skinny. I want something like a schott perfecto in black but the only concern I have is that I want it to be very fitted. I just get nervous that a regular schott won't be slim enough and long enough. Also I want to stay in schott price range. So no slp or balmain etc. I like how these fit and like the styles in general. Any suggestions?
trust me I'm a manager at a salon I understand customer service very well. Just speak to people how u want to be spoken to.
god u are rude. Sure make yourself sound like a stupid customer. Obviously you got the wrong phone number. Also it was the weekend and is now Monday and I can gaurantee if this hasn't been fixed yet ur doing something wrong. Try to talk to people with respect and maybe you'll get further.
hey man how do bleekers fit compared to escobars? Also are they long? I'm 6'4".
dang I got a brand new large I'll sell for 160$
me too size L
How do they fit?
How do they fit
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