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I made paracord laces for a ton of my boots. That's what I use on my White's. I don't know if you do it the same way, but I strip the the cords out of the middle. That way they lay flat and stay tied better. I found that they don't stay tied as well if you don't gut them first. You can also get electrical shrink wrap to put on the ends to make tips. Or, you can just melt them and crimp with your fingers. There is some pain involved so don't say I didn't warn you.
Glad to help. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you get.
Azcodito, those are some stout, sharp looking boots! How long does it take to break those in? I only have experience with the semi dress which have hardly any break in.
Antonio, if you don't live near a retailer where you can try some boots on, talk to Kyle at Baker's. He can help with tracings and sizing questions. You absolutely want to make sure that these boots fit. You don't want your toes to rub or the arch to be in the wrong spot. If they fit properly, they will be one of the most comfortable pair of boots you own. My steel toe pair were made to a D width (which is what I normally wear) and they had to be totally rebuilt...
The swing last will give you more room in the toe box. I believe that the toe also curves up slightly. I think this is the last that is prefered by guys with wider toes. I've never tried them on.
Hi Antonio. I'm not sure if you were talking to me but mine was the last post. The boots in the picture are White's semi dress. They are British tan and a caramel water buffalo. They are steel toe because I actually wear them for work.
I think that James either went into Oxford rehab and we won't be hearing from him for six weeks, he got some Huberd's shoe grease for the holidays and has been busy liberally applying it, or maybe, just maybe, he wanted to take a break, spend some time with hiis family and leave us to riddle out our boot issues ourselves. I'm leaning toward the Huberd's scenario. I don't think it would be humanly possible to tear him away from his retro oxfords and I'm pretty sure that...
Waiting for boots is hard. Especially when it has been so long. Sometimes rushing things isn't the best though. I had my SD totally rebuilt except for the uppers to fix the width. They turned them around faster than the quoted time and they fit perfectly now. The only problem is the stitching around the toe cap is kind of jacked up. It's not that big of a deal since I am actually using them for work boots. It just seems like something you wouldn't want a customer to see,...
Gregornz, I thought that I replied to this but I may have pushed the wrong button. Oops. I think those boots are cool but I would have the toe cap match the shaft. That way it breaks up all the yellow that will be showing under your pants. I would leave the backstay as it is. I like the contrast. Whatever you do, I'm sure you will be thrilled when you get them. Congrats!
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