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Linafelt, I like the looks of the boots and your trousers, as well!
Tocohillsguy, Sambam gave us a very useful guide to lasts a page ago. The 461 is probably the last for which you are looking.
So, here is a funny or sad little story: I was at White's the other day to take a pair of boots in to be repaired. I dropped them off and gave them my contact information and then, since I was there, I had to take a look at the boots. I was just looking around, minding my own business and a woman came up and asked if she could help. I told her I was just dropping off some boots and taking a look around. I said "so, you don't make oxfords anymore, huh?" she said "No, we...
New boots on. I really love them! They are from Thrux Lawrence in Coeur d'Alene, ID.
The toes and uppers on these are British tan. The vamps are water buffalo. I have been working in these for three years.
New boots under the tree!
Merry Christmas, gentlemen! Harold, there are over 8,000 posts here regarding the boots that we love so much. Most of us have read every one of them and it is tempting to advise you to sift through it all since this is a question that has come up many times. But, in the spirit of Christmas I will give you a brief rundown of how the conversation usually goes: Newby:Can someone tell me about cxl? I'm new here and I heard that it scuffs easy. Is that true? I also heard that...
Phidauex, here's a way to lace your tongue in so it isn't all over the place. You can do this without punching new holes into the tongue. Once you run the laces through the holes in the bottom of the tongue and through the bottom grommets, run the lace through the loop in the tongue on the way to the second grommets. I will try to add a picture.
Neognosis, if you still have those boots, they would fit me. Just saying...
Fasthall, Kyle just said that Whites is almost out of horse hide and what they have is black. I was under the impression you wanted brown.
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