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I'm glad to see that there are others who are as enthusiastic about their boots as I am. My wife has probably never taken a picture of any of her shoes. I have over a thousand pictures of shoes on my iPad. A lot of them are mine but I occasionally save one I see online (mostly from this forum:)) sometimes, for fun, I watch a slideshow of the pics and play a game I like to call "mine or theirs?" where I have to figure out if they are my boots before the next pic comes up....
I had the same problem with both pairs. I was afraid when i first tried them on that I wouldn't be able to wear them. Don't worry, it will get better.
I received my SD. Exactly thirty-one days from order. I love them! The only problem is that I can't wear them. Big toe on left foot rubs on the steel toe. I don't know if, as they continue to break in, things will change. I know the steel won't stretch. Maybe I should take them back and have the steel replaced with double celastic?
I think that color scheme would be awesome! I ordered a two tone pair of semi dress for which I am currently waiting. I can't wait to see pictures of yours.
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