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I put in new laces (they come with classic work boot style and leather) and I trimmed the points off of the tongues.
So, I got a new pair of White's. They were designed in conjunction with a local entrepreneur who has a shop where they design, make and sell leather goods. The name of the shop is Thrux Lawrence in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. I've had mine for a few weeks and they are awesome! This is my third pair of White's and all have been a little different. I love the Cuban heel and this pair has the block. I was afraid that I would really notice a difference but I didn't. They also have...
IIIrd Icon, I have loved the laces on your SD since I saw the first picture online! Where did you get them? I have several pairs of boots they would look great on. I have a pair of boots that had a horrible crepe sole so I had it switched to leather with cat paw heels. I think they wear faster but I love the vintage look. I also have a pair of Chipewas that came with a rubber sole that I changed to leather with a Goodyear raptor sole. Totally changes the look of the boot....
I am a metal fabricator and I wear the semi dress to work every day. I have a steel toe in British tan and water buffalo. Trust me, they are substantial. They are the heaviest pair of boots I own in their particular height. Of course I have knee high steel toes that weigh more but my White's are plenty tough. I'm on my feet all day. I have been doing this for twenty years and these are the best work boots I've ever had. That being said, I wouldn't wear them with a suit. If...
I would delete the hooks and go with eyelets all the way to the top so you don't have to worry about the hooks catching on your suit pants. I love the Cuban heel but you might go with the block heel. I think it looks more dress shoe than the Cuban. I'm not sure that would be great for walking as far as you do, though. I have the standard heel on my work boots that I wear all the time and they are very comfortable.
I wear a 9.5 D in everything but White's. I wear a 9.5 E in White's. Otherwise, my toes rub. Too bad. Probably for the best, marriage wise.
Linafelt, I love your black boots! Kind of remind me of my dad's old army boots. It's hard to tell from the angle but it looks like a lowered block heel, which I don't normally like but it looks good on those. I also like the contrast between the black leather and the natural sole.
B-Ewing, I think your feet are a little bigger than mine but I better ask: what size? I kind of hope they won't fit since I just purchased my seventh kilt and I have a new pair of White's on order. The wife's patience may be wearing thin...
^^onimpulse, I absolutely love those boots! I can't wait to see how the age. I hope you are very happy with them.
Yes, it's paracord. I like to change things up and there are tons of colors. You can get it online but I get mine at a local army navy store.
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