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GAP has more cotton content than UNIQLO hence the items look more sophisticated. However GAP items get thin quick unlike UNIQLO which has more polyester/spandex content hence more durable. UNIQLO has a better tailored fit as well compared to GAP which tends to be a bit loose.   You get more value for your money with UNIQLO because of its durability. 
Hi there. I am thinking of launching my own blog on menswear since there aren't much menswear blogs based in my area. I more or less have an idea on what to write about such as product reviews but I can't help but notice that attending events is a major part of blogging. Attending invite only product launches and events seem to attract more readers.   I was wondering how bloggers manage to get themselves invited to these events? I'm actually happy just blogging about...
 It varies item to item. The Easycare Cotton OCBDs are great but the hoodies and the linen shirts arent.
Any feedback on the new Easy-care slim fit OBDC? It seems more expensive than the last time I bought one, was wondering if there are any improvements in the fabric quality?
There are currently three OCBDs on the market right now.   There's the casual cotton oxford, the easy care office oxford and the shinier dress shirt.   Regarding the easy care office oxford, I definitely did not regret buying it. The material's light, it's available in slim fit and the fabric is still alright even after twenty or thirty washes. Yes you can also wear it casually. I often wear it with navy blue chino shorts and loafers. Most importantly the collar is...
 I guess you have to pick the right items from UNIQLO. The linen line isn't durable at all. The colors fade and the linen gets worn out after a few washes. My UV hoodies and cotton button downs are still alright. Best to read some reviews first before getting them.
14. Style and the Man by Alan Flusser.   This is the third book released by Alan Flusser, the designer for the movies Wall Street and American Psycho. This is the lightest read among his three books, the most detailed and intricate being his second book Dressing the Man and in the middle is his first book Clothes and the Man. It is important to note that all three books are about classic formal menswear so do not expect to find anything about jeans or polo shirts...
Best to wear clothes that both college students and middle aged men will wear.   From the top of my head this will include plain polo shirts, dark jeans, chinos and boat shoes/loafers.   A professor of mine a little older that you wears it at school and I find it age appropriate for him and even for us in our early 20's.
It's really just the place where the item was manufactured.   You'll be surprised to see that several Made in China items are manufactured by factories who have Japanese supervisors/floor managers. Many of them likewise source their raw materials from France, Italy, Japan or the United States. The machinery used many even come from Germany, Japan or the US.
Are the regular fit OBCD's terrible? I was thinking of getting them before.
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