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I do hope UNIQLO does more collaborations in the future (possibly with Italian brands). You can only roll out so much basics until people notice that you're offering the same items every season (and the quality isn't getting any better).
 same reason why I'm skipping the spring oxfords this year. I tried the pink one on and you can see through the fabric a bit. You definitely have to wear something underneath,
I wore a pair of $45 shoes for 2 years for around 3x a week with no repairs. I wore it through rain, sun and even flooded streets.    If there's anything I learned over the last decade, it's that price does not guarantee durability. Just as we cannot generalize that all high street designer $500 shoes are durable, we can't generalize that all department stores shoes are unreliable as well.
 I have a casual oxford circa 2010 and one of their latest oxfords. The old ones were a lot thicker. In fact I can't wear the new ones without wearing an undershirt.
If it's just utility you're after,a cheap H&M shoe can last for more than a year with proper maintenance (oiling) and sole repair.   Shoes aren't high tech items. You can make even cheap ones last for years with some resourcefulness.
Anyone has any feedback on the newly released Navy Blazer?
UNIQLO sells Airism undershirts which work even better than pure cotton when it comes to breathability, and moisture wickening features.   For your shirt, I suggest you buy one which is a bit more loose than a fit shirt.   Also, dab baby oil around your neck and put some baby powder around your neck. Makes a lot of difference.   Goes without saying that losing weight helps as well. Shed a few pounds and lessen your carbohydrate intake, you'll sweat less.
I threw a small party for my birthday last week. I rented out the rooftop area of a restaurant and invited several friends from grade school, high school, graduate school, work and others, many of whom don't know each other. They were around 30 and frankly I was lost with the "hosting" part as it was my first time to throw a party. My previous birthday celebrations were merely dinners consisting of people who all know each other.   The food and drinks were all taken care...
How much is the re-sale value?
  I normally hate shirts that scream "Look at me I'm designer" but I found this for $8 and I just had to buy it. It's the signature burberry house check but I think the plain is spread out properly that it doesn't look as tacky.   Any comments or feedback? Tacky? Or Ivy?   It might be alright when you're wearing outer wear.
New Posts  All Forums: