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Anyone has any feedback on the newly released Navy Blazer?
UNIQLO sells Airism undershirts which work even better than pure cotton when it comes to breathability, and moisture wickening features.   For your shirt, I suggest you buy one which is a bit more loose than a fit shirt.   Also, dab baby oil around your neck and put some baby powder around your neck. Makes a lot of difference.   Goes without saying that losing weight helps as well. Shed a few pounds and lessen your carbohydrate intake, you'll sweat less.
I threw a small party for my birthday last week. I rented out the rooftop area of a restaurant and invited several friends from grade school, high school, graduate school, work and others, many of whom don't know each other. They were around 30 and frankly I was lost with the "hosting" part as it was my first time to throw a party. My previous birthday celebrations were merely dinners consisting of people who all know each other.   The food and drinks were all taken care...
How much is the re-sale value?
  I normally hate shirts that scream "Look at me I'm designer" but I found this for $8 and I just had to buy it. It's the signature burberry house check but I think the plain is spread out properly that it doesn't look as tacky.   Any comments or feedback? Tacky? Or Ivy?   It might be alright when you're wearing outer wear.
Standard rotation:   Rotation for work:   Arrow White Shirt BB Non-Iron Blue Shirt UNIQLO Light Blue Slimfit Shirt Qantas-Morrison White Shirt    Rotation for casual outs:   UNIQLO Blue Checkered Shirt UNIQLO Blue OCBD BB EFC White Shirt   I normally limit my shirts to white and blue of different shades, fabric and patterns. I love the utility of white and blue since it's not really something people (and myself) get tired of seeing. Hence I can limit my...
I agree. Dress your age, otherwise you will really look out of place.    Incorporating "classic" style into your everyday dress is tricky given your age. Long sleeve oxford button downs, at your age, are meant for formal gatherings. So are loafers.   If I were a 17 year old that would like to dress classic-casual I'd buy several polo t-shirts, slim fit chinos and a pair of Sperry boat shoes. I'd add in a few cardigans there for the cooler weather. Classic dressing at...
GAP has more cotton content than UNIQLO hence the items look more sophisticated. However GAP items get thin quick unlike UNIQLO which has more polyester/spandex content hence more durable. UNIQLO has a better tailored fit as well compared to GAP which tends to be a bit loose.   You get more value for your money with UNIQLO because of its durability. 
Hi there. I am thinking of launching my own blog on menswear since there aren't much menswear blogs based in my area. I more or less have an idea on what to write about such as product reviews but I can't help but notice that attending events is a major part of blogging. Attending invite only product launches and events seem to attract more readers.   I was wondering how bloggers manage to get themselves invited to these events? I'm actually happy just blogging about...
 It varies item to item. The Easycare Cotton OCBDs are great but the hoodies and the linen shirts arent.
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