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I just ordered one. It looks to be the classic American outdoorsman coat. I have read reviews that it can be too warm if the temperature is not at least 40 degrees. If you live in a cold climate or experience cold winters, I dont think you can go wrong.
I am interested in purchasing a tweed cap to wear come autumn. Any suggestions on type of tweed (harris or donegal) or style? Please post links to hats you can suggest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger From a distance, kinda looks like a pocket full of flower petals. I can't see it working for me. That is what is supposed to look like. Apparently Shibori is a japanese style of clothing art, meant to give fabric texture and dimension. Tie-dye is a standard example of this artform. P.S. Is his neck a little tight?
Has anyone ever seen these in person and does anyone know how to fold one of these?
I think I'm going with a white shirt, regular cuff, black, grey and charcoal striped tie, with matching charcoal pocket square. I'm going to dump the french cuff.
What is the most appropriate attire for a wake? I know a black suit is standard, but what about the shirt? White shirt, black tie is best? Can I get away with a white pocket square also? I also have a light blue french cuff that I can wear with an orange/dark/light blue stripe with a matching orange pocket square. I wouldn't mind going out and buying a shirt and tie for the wake.
Beer squared.
deep 6 the jewelry buy a couple dark suits buy some brown shoes and a brown belt
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman I'm gonna get crap for this but who cares: 2: construction boots What about for people in the construction industry? (me)
Why do people insist on buying their Red Wings online?
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