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Yes, we will be adding different options for the sole in the near future. We will slowly be rolling out other options which are customizable (for instance: lining, different widths, sole color etc). 
I like this idea. Would you be interested, are you based in the US? Thanks. 
Thanks. You can read Men's Style Pro's review here. We have some more reviews coming out over the next few weeks. I'll keep you gents posted.   
Hi Gents, Here are some pictures fresh off the press. Shout out if you have any questions.                  
Hi MSchapiro, yes we are working on this functionality. Thank you for your feedback. 
Yes, we planning on adding different color options for the sole in the near future. In regards to materials, we are considering adding rubber soles as well. 
They are US. We are working on adding that to our site. 
Thanks GFDay. Yes, we are doing a photo shoot this weekend. I'll be posting some detailed pictures shortly after that. 
Thanks for the feedback Edmorel. You mean the difference between Goodyear welt (which is machine made) and Hand welt (which is handmade)? We have a short two minute clip on our site which walks through the process. 
Thanks for the suggestion usctrojan31. We will definitely get this fixed shortly. Again, appreciate the suggestion. 
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