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Thanks MSchapiro for volunteering to take those pictures and for your honest and detailed feedback. We greatly appreciate this.  In regards to sole options and colors, these are coming soon (in a month or so). We will also be offering wider widths (E, EE, EEE) in the next month.  
Hi apost, We don't offer different options for lining yet. Please reach out to us at nmarvania@awlandsundry.com if you have a special request. We might be able to help.     Thank you. 
Hi Cuponoodles,  Our current sole color is Dark Brown. We will be adding Black and Natural colors by end of next month.  Thank you. 
Yes, our soles are filled with cork
Definitely something we're thinking about!
Glad to hear you're pleased! Great design!
Pretty much agreed. Something that compliments her.
If it fits perfectly, it's worth the buy. The jacket will be worn on multiple occasions and if it makes you feel good -- it's all that matters. 
Those are some great finds! I like this thread -- because so many of us find great items but don't have an opportunity to share the excitement.  I am a fan of thrifting and vintage shopping and finding brand names for $$ deals is AWARDING.
Yes, we will be adding different options for the sole in the near future. We will slowly be rolling out other options which are customizable (for instance: lining, different widths, sole color etc). 
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