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Got a pair of new IRs. The boots fit perfectly, but the cap toe digs into my toes when walking. Is this going to soften up over time when broken into or is it a fit problem?
I just picked these up and I know these will require some breaking in. The cap toe area is digging into my toes as I walk when I bend. Is the leather there going to soften up?
Still breaking in my 8138s and I have another dumb question.   What exactly is heel slip? Is it when your foot slides from the front to the back when you walk or when your heel lifts up and back down not staying in full physical contact with the insole heel?   I notice when I walk, as I lift my foot, my heel lifts up from the heel insole, but not enough where I'm tripping all over the place. My heel does land in the same area of the insole every step (I think), it's...
Oh jeez, I don't think I have the patience to wear them for an entire year before I see a difference in comfort. I know it differs from person to person, but isn't one year a little too long for break in? I was expecting maybe a month or two of moderate usage. I'm normally a 8.5-9 for running shoes and 8 for sneakers. I have the 8138s in a size 8, and I have a question about how it should fit. From what I'm reading, to get the most comfortable boots you have ever owned,...
Thanks, I guess I'll tough it out. After the break in, is it comfortable? Or just something you have gotten used to but isn't the more comfortable, if you know what I mean. I've been wearing running shoes and sneakers and these are my first real boots. $250 is a big upgrade for me so I want instant satisfaction from my purchase, but these are not the most comfortable yet and I can't wait any longer even though I've only worn it for a couple days.
Wore my 8138's some more today and the balls of my foot hurt from the hard leather soles. Is this something that requires breaking in? The rest of the shoe feels fine, a little stiff but that's all. There's no heel slip, and it's not too tight and not too loose. Will they get more comfortable over time or do I need to invest in insoles, but I'm afraid it might be too tight with insoles on top.
Thanks, so I'll give the leather insole a try. How long did it take to soften up?   Also, second question. If I decided to throw in insoles on top of it, it should be no problem right?
Related question:   I bought a pair of the 8138s (Moc Toe) and I find the leather insoles to be too hard. I want to try to break in the leather insoles first and see how they feel rather than throwing in insoles right away.   I'm worried that I won't find the leather insoles comfortable after the rest of the shoe has broken in and molded to my feet and if I throw in the insoles after the shoe has been broken in, that it will throw off the overall form of the boot. Is...
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