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@mdubs appreciate the alden links.
Is this what the welt and edging on the cigar and revello preorder from Alden of Carmel will look like?
RTP, do you size your chrmxl LWBs the same as your shell LWBs. Enjoy Newport Beach
I haven't sold used shoes before and looking at selling a pair of AoC black calf chukka in 8 1/2 E.   Is it best to list on eBay or here?  
Alden of Carmel black grain LWB on commando or the Aldex leffot black grain LWB on plantation crepe sole?
The feedback on the tan LWB is interesting. I saw the one on leffot and was waiting to see if the snuff LWB showed up. Both are nice, would snuff be more versatile... Slacks plus chino plus jeans
Are there any 8.5Es Barrie on the list?  If yes, could someone please forward to me.
Your question on the AF124 alpine grain LWBs may have been lost with the arrival of the #2 pics. I am also looking at adding these when they are available. Any feedback and thoughts from the forum is appreciated.
Just back from a week trip in Ireland and took the chukka and PTB for the trip..... Slacks and suit for dinner and jeans at the bar for a pint or two.... No problem except traveling with three shoes counting the sneakers for working out. I am going to add the LWB shortly and you will be good with any of the three. PTB was my first.
Two Questions: 1) Is the edging for this shoe brown cxl PTB http://www.aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=167&ParentID=4&PageID=&Action= from alden SF, the same as the brown cxl from harrison limited.   2) It's bonus time and I was about to pull the trigger on the #8 LWB..... after reading the recent posts about uneven broguing, should I expect a problem?  I had already resigned myself that I want secure the cigar gunboats in this century.
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