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+1. RTP opinion is always valued..... Lead me to the natty CXL. LWB which is my 2nd favorite king #8 LWB.
Any thoughts on the black CXL from Alden of Carmel with commando. Same makeup in black.
Please post some pics of the 9751. On another business trip this week with the 975 and natty CXL LWB and looking at adding the 9751 to the rotation.
I just purchased the natty CXL LWB and they are great. Would love a pair in dark brown.
Picked up the #8 LWB about a month ago and it was perfect.  Just received the natty cxl LWB and I have been waiting on them in my size for a few months.    Both shoes are up against the wall.... thoughts on the offset of the left shoe.  
@mdubs appreciate the alden links.
Is this what the welt and edging on the cigar and revello preorder from Alden of Carmel will look like?
RTP, do you size your chrmxl LWBs the same as your shell LWBs. Enjoy Newport Beach
I haven't sold used shoes before and looking at selling a pair of AoC black calf chukka in 8 1/2 E.   Is it best to list on eBay or here?  
Alden of Carmel black grain LWB on commando or the Aldex leffot black grain LWB on plantation crepe sole?
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