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Outside is better. More comfortable, and a more secure attachment since they are sewn through the cloth as well as the waistband lining.
19" (9.5" flat) from knee to hem.
Either is a good choice. If anybody is particularly short or tall, the Hober has the advantage as you can specify any length.
If your size really is 42L, no amount of alteration will make a 44S fit you properly.
Quote: Originally Posted by hatguy How do you guys choose your tie width? I knew I wanted something narrower than my RTW ties so I started at 3.5 inchs. Then went to 3.25. I might try a little narrower at some point, but I am pretty happy with 3.25. What works for you will depend on your taste and your height (and how long you wear your tie -- I wear mine several inches shorter than the prevailing fashion, ending a couple of inches above...
Harrisons Fine Classics. If you are willing to go heavier I also like the ones in P&B Universal.
I like off white shirts. A little more casual, and stains don't show as badly.
I like the look of the Modified last but am uncertain about the sizing. I have Hampton last shoes in 8.5 D but think 9 C would fit better. I can wear Barrie in 8 D (slightly short) or 8.5 D (slightly loose) but I think 8.5 C would work better than either. (I've tried on 8 C and it is slightly too snug all around as well as being slightly short -- in other words, the C width Barrie seems proportioned more like my foot than the D.) Plaza, Aberdeen, and Leydon do not work...
Was the Broadstreet on the 7 last? If so, it doesn't fit me well at all. Narrow at the front, wide at the heel. Similar to Alden Aberdeen.
If you are in Chicago and have the budget, get the Optimo. The other one is junk. I have a Borsalino panama hat, also junk, but not as bad as the one in the link. At bare minumum, get a hat with proper sizing, not S M L XL.
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