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I will be spending 2 weeks between Prague, Vienna & Budapest in late December / Early January.    I would appreciate recommendations on the below things from anyone who lives/has lived there or has visited frequently and knows the cities well:   1. places to eat (focus on local/traditional cuisines / fine dining / cafes) 2. shops to visit (menswear or any craft/artisanal products or anything else thats worthwhile...antiques, etc.) 3. sites to see that are worthwhile...
 White shirt, white trousers, blue and white regimental striped tie, boat shoes, captains hat. You will be good to go!
 very cool
 The through pockets are awesome...great innovation.  I love how it converts so easily from a casually worn double breasted trench coat to a fully-buttoned-up impenetrable armor for the rain. The "silk fur" liner is also a great compliment to the coat.  If the Armoury ever stocks a large in a different color I will def buy a second. 
I think the answer is obvious - buy them all...
#1 best ready-to-wear item the Armoury stocks currently is the Coherence "Al" Trench Coat. Practical, functional, beautifully designed rain coat. I love it. 
very nice Justin...I have a suit of similar distinction in the same cloth. 
 I think a DB with a vest is wrong. You could...but I will view it as odd. I do have enough cloth...but I prefer to buy extra cloth so that if I need more...I have it.  That is probably accurate. The minnis version was discontinued and has been done as a special run twice through NMWA...the last time pushed heavily by me because its a great cloth. The dugdale is probably comparable...but the minnis is famous. 
I assume that is the Minnis houndstooth? I have a length of that cloth and was thinking 3-piece originally but the double-breasted version makes a compelling argument.
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