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thats pretty cool
I like this one for very formal non-black-tie evening affairs   http://shop.vandafineclothing.com/collections/neckties/products/grey-white-oxford-weave  
I'd like to work with Rudolph Scheer & Sons. Too bad Markus Scheer refuses to travel. Their boots in particular are gorgeous.
 The more buttons you can fit on there...the better.
People today are so pathetically sensitive.   It's a picture. It's history. There was clearly no intent to offend.    If a picture gets your panties in such a bunch then you might as well tie a bandana over your eyes and spend the rest of your life sitting on your couch jerking off. God forbid you see reality! 
So what is the consensus on best books for lightweight summer worsted suitings?
 Are the shirts just for extra warmth under the covers at night?
 I honestly don't know my exact suit size because I dont buy anything off the rack...Maybe its a 44 or a 46? My coherence is a large which is plenty spacious with a suit beneath.
 Something from the new Holland & Sherry Sports Broadcaster book... 
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