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cream mint is great and versatile but looks white/cream from a distance.    if you are looking for color go with something more colorful. 
Jake Grantham had shown me a book of corduroy recently with some "elastine" in them. It wasn't Loro Piana...but unfortunately what it was eludes me now...nonetheless...it was nice and definitely still available.    Armoury in NYC has the book if you want to seek them out for more info...
I find them to be pretty versatile in terms of wear with both suits or sport coats. I think you could make the argument a fina weave is a bit more formal than a grossa but to 99% of eyes...it won't make a damned difference. I'm not sure about Vandas other grenadines but the light grey one is not a true grenadine as you find woven by Italian mills but rather is described as a Japanese weavers take on grenadine. I like it.
I would definitely recommend that anyone who finds themselves in Naples arrange to meet up with Patrizio. Drop him an email and schedule a time. He is a great guy and its awesome to get into his atelier and pick out cloth from his myriad of selections. He has a keen eye and great taste...even in his personal wardrobe...his advice is on point. 
Patrizio is the best...
 Thank you! I have been exercising and eating very clean for the past 4 months. I have dropped 15-20 pounds. 
Light grey japanese grenadine and linen square from Vanda   SF compresses my high quality photos too much...so if you want to see the real quality click the link below: http://imgur.com/a/6QsL6  
Another photo with its quality destroyed in the uploading to SF process...   If you want to see the real true quality...you can view it here:  http://imgur.com/a/6QsL6   Worn to a wedding.         
edit: nvm...
i have both the mint flowers and the cream waves....   i find myself opting for the mint flowers more and more frequently. absolutely love that square. 
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