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seems like cranberry is already quite the hit.    its the new ss17 color...
I liked the middle 'cranberry' color...very unique. I think it'd make an awesome summer tie.  
The Turnbull & Asser bespoke manager in NYC, Rob Gillotte, has a vast collection of Cleverley bespoke ordered from 30+ years ago to present day...if you're in NYC have a chat with him. 
Neither Rangoon nor Fresco is appropriate for a sportcoat. They are suitings.   VBC hopsack is a nice choice for a sport coat. I second that. 
I don't think there is a definitive rule for lapel size other than that they should appear proportional to everything else. Lapel width is a subjective matter within the overall styling of your ensemble and some find large lapels very fashionable and don't care to apply a sort of "golden ratio" to every inch of their garment.   Alan, if you prefer the large lapel, I see no reason to change them. They are on the larger end of the spectrum but I don't think they are too...
 Cappelli > Drakes Better quality. Better price.
 just buy ALL their ties. that way you dont have to worry about which one is the best.
wow.   beautiful. cappelli impresses yet again!
 Should we break out the years old hopsack trousers debate???
Maybe they should make a Fresco IV for us scratchy could be lined with sand paper for extra scratchiness and crease-holding ability.    But seriously - for those who have handled / had Fresco III made up...   Does the less scratchy fresco detract from the cloth's ability to drape and hold a crease? 
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