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Those boxes are a waste of money.   All you need is a good horsehair brush and wax polish. 
 Loafers too. 
I think this will get done.   I was looking through linen books earlier today and there is not really much comparable. 
 They look fine to me. 
Does Drapers sell directly to individuals?   I really want to buy a SC length of this...  
I will take 4 meters please.    I'm very excited and hope this gets off the ground.
I am willing to order the cloth now, but I do not want to have it made up yet (and probably won't for a year or two) as I just have too many other projects underway now.    I am in for the cloth more than for the full suit at this point.   If that means I have to have it made up by Formosa at some point i'm fine with that.
Travers was indeed passionate about shoe care. But that does not excuse how offensive he became...and that sort of behavior is not passion. 
 Except that the Bush family is originally from Greenwich, CT and he was born there...he still has the home there where he often visits...Bush's grandfather Prescott was a CT senator...Bush met his wife at their country club in Greenwich...his father (the prez) grew up there and spent much of his life there...his uncle lived there his entire life and ran a major insurance firm...and numerous family members still live there.
 I am in as well for a suit length. 
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