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love that ^
I like subdued paisley madder with tweed. too warm right now to wear it but when the times come i will break it out.
The color is most accurate in the first and last pics. The cloth in the first jacket is Abraham Moon.
One of my favorite ties...orange madder from Patrizio.          
Fukuda looks much better than Marquess. How do the fits compare?
even with that fee spread across the cost of the 3 ties ... they are still cheaper than Kiton, Brioni, etc....and much much better.
I don't find matka heavy. Tweed and cashmere ties are heavy.   I'm 6'2 and order my ties at 61 inches from Vanda. I typically like 152-155cm depending on materials. 
 I think if you are going for something more formal a tie would certainly help... I think the circumstances of when/where you will wear this also affect its outcome greatly.
[[SPOILER]]  its too weird of a contrast of very formal (black/white, attempt at a stroller or evening wear/tux) and the very casual (no tie, ps, monkstraps) for me.  modern and fashion forward? maybe...stroller...definitely not. 
  AND...also don't post a useless 3 word response like "This is great!"
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