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 Yes, there is grey in it. 
Blue Crepe Gunclub & Cream-Mint Flowers Pocket Square - love both...and especially the subtlety of the square...a nice alternative to white.      And two that arrived today...Navy Seersucker & Navy-Cream Double Bar Shantung.   
This magnificent cloth has arrived!! Thanks to everyone that rallied to make this happen. For me a 3-piece suit awaits!    Pics:   
This just came in...it is f*cking badass!  
 I went with a mid-brown antiqued penny loafer style. Similar to these but a different color obv:   And then I decided to throw a pair of suede adelaide's in...with a more "countrified" feel to them similar to: 
I'm commissioning a pair of 'mustard' cords for winter. I'd like to get a mustard linen too. 
Just do linen. You're wasting your time trying to get a "flannel-like" woolen fabric for summer that isn't a lightweight flannel. 
I'm wearing flannel today. Its 60 and drizzly. 
Mynjorn's fit was decent...as I said in my original comment. However, his attitude and reaction have ruined any reputation he might have going forward.    The only way he can be redeemed is to post better fits with better pics...and with none of his bombastic nonsense. 
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