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FUCK YES...just kopped the Caccioppoli brown/blue glencheck SC
 You have one more new follower. lol.
 I don't have twitter :(
Will you announce here or should I program a macro to keep refreshing your site?
any idea what time???
Any word on when the new Formosa items will go up for sale?
My formosas are each cut differently...the moonbeam being a little less tapered which is ok because i can wear a sweater beneath it comfortably. The inky blue is the most tapered and with a higher armhole and the drapers gun club is a little longer and feels like the arm hole is slightly higher even than the inky blue.   nonetheless they all fit great...maybe its just how i feel...never actually measured them.
When are the shears supposed to be shipped out? 
Killian Sacred Wood today. 
 Oh really?  We would have never guessed... 
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