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I'm a fan of Back to Black as well... the honey and tobacco are blended very nicely.   SOTD - Royal Oud - nice woodsy...not a lot of oud imo and dare i say a little generic...but don't get me wrong...it is very enjoyable...and 12+ hours of longevity for me.
SOTD - Roja Dove Crystal Amber Aoud - I absolutely love this...it is one of the most amazing and complex frags I have ever tried...and the amber and aoud are outstanding...but honestly...the longevity and projection are not that great...     SOTE - Amouage Interlude - another evening favorite - manliness + tobacco + hints of vanilla --the tobacco in this is amazing...it destroys TF Tobacco Vanille.
Well, I have just been informed that my Deco Wilde MTO's in Midnight Blue are in transit to me and will arrive Monday.   They will arrive on time...production took only 4 months...   So not sure why some of you have to wait 7+months...   Maybe you should order from Leffot in the future...they seem to get things done on time.   Pics to come when I receive them.
SOTE - Noir de Noir - one of my favorite evening frags...gourmand + rose + sex
SOTD - Straight to Heaven - a great rum scented frag...very pleasing for casual wear day or night...especially in tropical climate
Hi Foster quick question for you...   I wear a UK11.5 E Width in Gaziano & Girling and Edward Green...does that translate to a UK11.5 E Width  for the shoes that you posted that are on sale?   Much appreciation...thanks    
I'm not certain why Lattanzi is so highly priced...
When you figure out how to grow those TF's from a 50 to a 56...let me know. I'll take all of them then.       Having bought a TF from Spoo...anyone that is considering them....is an idiot for having not bought them yet...they are AMAZING.
SOTD - Roja Dove Crystal Amber Aoud Parfum - amazing. absolutely amazing.
SOTD - By Killian Prelude to Love - a very powdery / citrusy parfum....very nice...decent longevity...reminds me of Creed Millesime Imperial...I think I prefer the Killian take on it though...before the dry down there is this great fragrant freshness from the Neroli that is so great...
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