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 Yes you should. He's the best. 
 The grenadine will be worn with navy conservative business dress. The oxford is a bit too shiny for business but I will wear it to evening events that require a dark suit...i.e., Dormeiul's Navy Tonik 2000.
My two new ties...both on the more formal side of things:   Light Grey 'Grenadine' and Grey-White Oxford Weave  
I like the new website...I just wish when you are browsing ties and it shows a pic of the full tie that the view was zoomed in further as its hard to see the patterns currently.
New Website would be very nice...
 You should ask for a discount. A 1 month delay is ridiculous! 
 But do they fit the feet for which they are modeled?!
 I think this book just came out like 2 weeks ago...
Yes I would say that the new Nuwa is definitely in the Oriental camp. There is still a faint cumin note but it is nowhere near the cumin-centric old version. I appreciated the old version too but many people did not like it and felt the cumin was overwhelming in a skanky sweaty way. 
I have an old Chipp necktie in navy with red "fat" cats wearing waistcoats and a monocle and smoking a cigar.   Fantastic tie. I rarely wear it lol. 
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