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[[SPOILER]]  I can't speak for the twill but I have the Smith Woolens herringbone and love it... 
 All good choices! Any experience with the Dugdale books: - Royal Classic- Super 100- Super 120
 DB all the will be a home run. Very nice find Andy. 
I need to replace several conservative business suits in 2017 and 2018...probably 3-5 total. I am looking for grey/navy...typically in the 10-13oz range.   What are some books people recommend to start my journey? 
I'd like to recommend a "wishlist" feature for those who have an account registered on the vanda website.   this way i don't have to scroll all the way down the long list every time i am searching for ties that i have been mulling over. 
I'm very happy with the Vanda selection...I find it creative and unique and think that one of their strengths is that their selections differentiate them from some of the other bespoke brands (many of whom also offer good quality products with their own unique selections).   There is no point for a brand to try and be something that they are not...i.e., copy another brand. 
GC is undoubtedly Italy's most chic fashion icon!
 In that case he should get a buy one get 30 free black suit from jos. a bank and he can wear a new suit practically every day...
I don't think any leather is "water-proof"
thats pretty cool
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