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 I think if you are going for something more formal a tie would certainly help... I think the circumstances of when/where you will wear this also affect its outcome greatly.
[[SPOILER]]  its too weird of a contrast of very formal (black/white, attempt at a stroller or evening wear/tux) and the very casual (no tie, ps, monkstraps) for me.  modern and fashion forward? maybe...stroller...definitely not. 
  AND...also don't post a useless 3 word response like "This is great!"
WOW.    My mustard matka arrived today. it is phenomenal. The ultimate yellow tie...which is what I wanted!    anyone who slept on this tie should get it before its gone. 
 Post a picture of yourself in brown
[[SPOILER]]  dont wear a vest beneath a DB.
I always wear highwaisted trousers and I tie my ties to wear I think their normal length should be on my body...i don't take waistband into account at all. 
sounds like you need a corduroy suit. 
I don't mind a little belly but I think a lot of belly should be reserved for coats (if you like that look)
 This is one of my favorite outfits from you! Very nicely done. 
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