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that is quite an insidious grin
nice tie cleav! i have the same one hanging in my closet.
 Yes, as long as it is navy chalk stripe flannel.
I also got to see lots of other people's pairs in the works...   can you say seamless wholecut crocodile boot??????????????? for a particular Russian client.
europrep's hatchgrain belt is pretty awesome too.   a small but impressive detail in that ensemble. 
I prefer the Bestetti ghillie.   If you're gonna do it. Do it all the way.
I agree with PB...Shell sucks.   It is fickle and a pain in the ass to deal with.   Calf is much better in every regard. 
These arrived today in time for Christmas...my first two Aurum pairs. Subsequent orders are already being placed for another two pair.    I will write a very long write up sometime in the New Year...as I traveled to Airola, Italy to meet Antonio and visit his factory where I got to see my two completed pairs. Too busy now so you will have to live with a few pics and a brief story. I will post many more pics of the shoes then too.      Two Eyelet Derby with Teju...
The other advantage of Formosa MTO for Noodles, besides being able to pick cloth, is that it lets him get into the customization of some of the features of the jacket i.e.,    single breasted vs. double breasted type of shoulder (camicia, morbida, etc.) types of pockets (flapped, besom (jetted), patch, patch flap breast pockets (welted, patch, barchetta, etc) types of jacket linings interior pockets button types (mother of pearl, horn, etc.)   he doesn't have to...
 i'll see about this.
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