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I did not expect that hairstyle on PB...
 No...but you definitely should. 
 Excellently put together. But, in my opinion, with your height and the open quarters of your SC...you would look even better with a trouser with a higher rise. The low rise of this trouser juxtaposed with your height and SC does nothing but detract from the overall composition. A well made trouser that sits at your natural waistline would propel your fit from excellent to iconic! 
@gdl203   When will all of these incoming Formosa SC's be available on the site?   Thanks much!
[[SPOILER]]  It should only be worn as a suit. That cloth is not for sport coats and it should not be worn as separates. 
 There is still cloth available according to their site...though it does seem to be dwindling.
 Regardless of all of the other critiques/comments that have been made (of which i agree with all of the criticisms - that the shirt choice, pocket square, contrast stitch button holes, black odd trousers, and skinny peak lapels have no place in the realm of classic menswear)...the largest issue at hand is the fact that your sport coat is made with a cloth that is strictly for suiting. 
 The choice of conservative black dress shoes (can't tell if they are oxford or derby) spoils what would otherwise be an exceptional casual fit. Boots would have been a better choice. 
 Agree to disagree. Except pink most certainly does work. As would yellow. Unfortunately cyan = fail. 
 The weather is "ok" right now windy and drizzly...I think tomorrow should be fine...free of rain...just a bit chilly and windy.
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