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 shirt is brooks brothers and jeans are seven for all mankind...
No biggy...   they are shit kicking boots.   I trek mine through 6 inches of mud every weekend.
I am def in for the drapers brown or the inky blue..   not so sure about the gun club...if everyone jumps on that boat I will skip and go individual MTO
BUY THEM BOTH.   they are both staple items.   don't do it behind your wife's back. put your damn foot down and make some sort of agreement/communication with her.   sell it to her that if you get the items that you truly need then going forward in the future you won't need to spend. you are INVESTING in a wardrobe.   and no more of this silly bs flip-flopping your mind and buying things you don't want/need then selling them.
I think you pretty much just answered why it happens...when SF re-sizes the photo for a quote it becomes blurry because the photo is originally very high resolution requiring a large file size...and the downsize makes the resolution much less to meet the SF file size standards.
My pictures are very high resolution and usually are within the 5 to 10 megabyte size...which is pretty big. SF doesn't allow you to upload photos larger than 10mb and I often have to re-size them to get them to upload or reset my camera settings to take less fine resolution photos....when the camera is at its most fine setting the file sizes tend to be 20mb+   I think that this is why it becomes blurry...as this happens with nearly every photo that I upload which then...
lets do them all.
very upset that those formosa sc's are out in 54R already...if they even were available.    want both of them lol.
 Great shoe...terrible color...I would send those off to a patina artist to have them re-done...they could become something truly beautiful
The truth hurts.
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