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hire him.
So I was informed on Jan 27 that the items should be cut and shipped and they would arrive by the end of this week.   Still no sign of the cloth's arrival...   Anyone get theirs???
 If you want your trousers to look like pajamas...of course Luca does...he's that cool.  
@Andy57   very nice suit   even better cloth ;)  
@gdl203   Can you comment on the hand of the wool/silk blend squares by Christian Kimber?   I love the designs...and they seem to be pretty big squares...   Do they handle similarly to the Drake's wool/silk ?   THANKS!  
 Patrizio is 100% trustworthy. If you email him and ask him he will answer your question accurately about whether he can or cannot adjust the width of a knit tie.  My credentials: He has made me a lot of ties. They are exceptional quality.
northcote is an awesome boot. i wear mine all the time. 
I am starting to get a little concerned...
I love all of my LL tweeds...and I think the weights are perfect for a tweed.
I think that was the longest post ever written on this thread.   But seriously...Madrid tailors are the best in the world.   I can't believe you would ever dispute that!! 
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