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they are fine -- just avoid spring showers. (never fails for me. I put on my suede shoes, and it starts raining) -boston
It's a fine belt, but pricey. I bought an alligator belt from alligator leather and was very happy with what I got: http://www.alligatorleather.com/ It's about $150 -- a great deal, I think. - boston
I did not know ben silver sold blackgrenadine ties. Great choice btw -- I find myself wearing little else. I have one from J Press, which is good quality but rather skinny. I also have one from Thomas Pink, which I bought on sale (just $10 or $20!) and it is a more useful width, but the quality does not seem to be as good. -boston
I am a big fan of lands end custom shirts. It's true it may take you a couple of goes to get them perfect, but I think they are very good value. They come up with new material every quarter or so. Near the end of the quarter their options become quite limited. Also, after you have ordered a shirt, you can tweak the dimensions on the *re-order*. I've had much better luck with tweaking the re-order dimensions (which are very straightforward) than the confusing...
I don't know if they have a symbol. My rigid (raw) levi 517s do not have any special markings on them, but they are definitely raw denim.
beige seersucker white polo shirt brown leather sandals -boston
Sometimes. Levis 501s (straight) are shorter than Levi 517s (bootcut). -boston
If you want cheap raw denim, consider 501s or 517s. You can get them for <$30. I would also get the sanforized ones, *not* shrink to fit, as that's a pain and you don't get that much more out of it. 501s are regular rise straight leg, 517s are regular rise boot cuts (a lot like regular ralphs, actually). You can also get Levi skinner rigid/raw jeans for about $100. They are boot cut, low rise. They are meant to be slim through seat and thigh, but they are not...
I like J Crew, and Lands End. Lands End stuff is usually cut way big, especially shirts and sweaters. J Crew is generously cut, but not as blousy as Lands End. Lands End recently launched a "tailored fit" line which is fairly fitted -- slimmer than the standard J Crew stuff. I will also add that although J Crew usually has more funky colors than Lands End, Lands End occassionally does create some crazy colors as well. They had a bunch of moleskin trousers last season...
So, after trying and being dissappointed by Nudie Ralph and bootcut Ola, I've decided to try Levi 517s as they are 1) bootcut, 2) rigid, 3) cost $20. The Ralph's to recap, were baggy, even sized down, with great long rises and generous thighs. The Boocut Olas were not bootcut. The 517s are kind of between Ralphs and Olas. They are bootcut, like the Ralph, and actually feel remarkably similar around the knees. The are slimmer than the Ralphs at the top, but not as...
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