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As long as we're fantasizing here, we should make this happen too:     Viberg combat boots! 
Just as long as it's not contrast =P
Yep those were veg-tan Guidi. Does anyone know the term for that style of toe cap with the fringe?   Damn I hope you're wrong about the oil-tans, but that's a fair point :(
Yep, they should be around in the Fall according to the Bread & Butter page:   So should these bad boys:        and that's why I will be going broke
This. I've asked once and I'll ask again!
Can anyone ID the leather on this pair? They're from the Bread & Butter show:  
Nicely done, OP and fellow enthusiasts, this will be a hell of a boot :)
Awesome! Don't forget speedhooks! :)
haha damn lotta different possibilities here....   thanks for the info scotty
also more importantly, how much have these been worn if i may ask?
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