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Nicely done, OP and fellow enthusiasts, this will be a hell of a boot :)
Awesome! Don't forget speedhooks! :)
haha damn lotta different possibilities here....   thanks for the info scotty
also more importantly, how much have these been worn if i may ask?
Okay damn I feel like we might manage two separate orders at this point. I know I should just shut up and be glad anyone's interested in speedhooks, but just to test the waters -- are we ALL anti-2030? 2045's a good option too, just askin
Maybe we won't have to choose. It's always possible Viberg might accommodate different detailing in the same batch. Not sure about multiple lasts, but speedhooks shouldn't be all that much trouble on their end....
Anyone else interested in a 2045 model WITH speedhooks? I'm not usually a fan but damn do those brass hooks look good on this particular boot
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