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 Always on the look out my man!
 I got excited. $50k is a lot of paper...
Present from Spoo. Boss as fuck.
I want Italian ties. Kiton, Cucinelli, Corneliani, Brioni. Zegna (the usual) 60" in length. Will trade spleens and body parts for Kiton.
Pop on NWOT Shanghai Tang long sleeve Tee. And this boss as fuck Aquascutum trench with the detachable collar. Brass? buttons, gun check, half lining. Shame it's too big! Proper English style.
I don't get that privilege, all I find are Cliff Richard or Donny Osmand records.I've found some Buddy Holly, Faces, The Stones and Johnny Cash though. That was fun.
Couldn't be a jerk, it's a cheap jacket that looks and fits well. Positive feedback with a helpful note to better the descriptions if I see something like this again, I'll buy from the guy again no doubt.
What the fuck? I've never in my life seen a tie like that, that's rather special non?
I did reach out straight away.Wasn't happy, but to be honest, I paid £13 including first class signed for postage. It's not a bad price!
Noice one @dukedishin & @bpk1. Thanks for the clarification, chaps 
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