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Ok. I won't post for a while then. Not a problem.
These a thing? I just won these on eBay. £2 for the brooks and £1 for the Talbot.
Pretty clever if you ask me.
Yo man,See any lebron 12s or Jordan 5/6 is UK9 let me know.
So this is still there... its 50 clams. They'll take 30 for it, is this worth it?   inb4 eBay thread.     
 I'm afraid so, fucker. The main image was alright, slight wear on the blade is fine. But the dick pincher didn't say the silk was ballsed up. Buddahman and I both bought ties from him, I hope his one came out alright!
 The Hackett is alright. But the T&A is another story...   I'm a bit peeved as the description didn't say shit about this. Is it fading, or just dirt? 
E-thrifts came this morning. My first Turnbull and I'm a sucker for Hackett. So cheap, £5 posted for the two What's the best way to clean them?
New Posts  All Forums: