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Oh it's dire! The city which I work in has crazy stuff though, but it's all marked up and in glass cases.Long gone are the days of longchamp bags for £2 and bespoke suits for £8.99... Never mind.
Jompso mate, your phone scrambled again. I'm a bad local? What have I done, mang? Explain man. Explain!
There's a lot to be said about this thread over the course of the last few days... Not as many thrift finds though, chaps!
There's a silk tag identical to that one on a square in the basement downstairs. I'll dig it out an ask the maker for you.I hope it's the right tag I'm thinking of.
That Scotty dog tie is awesome.
Morning boys! Today best bring the heat on my lunch break. I need to leave my house at 7:35, I overslept until 7:20! Thankfully I showered last night but shit, ironing a shirt and doing everything else within 15 minutes is nuts. I need a coffee and a Kiton 'cuna SC today.
That Brioni SC... Shieeeet. And I was excited about finding a Hackett Cashmere/Silk/Cotton jumper. I need to sort my priorities out.
I only understood 3 words. And two of those were Japan & Ice.
I want to apologise for starting this shit...
Is that the basketball or the American football team...?This made me laugh out loud on the train.
New Posts  All Forums: