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  I'm just gonna log out... Its been fun here.   
It was a joke, that sounded better in my head. I apologise for it and I take it back. Stupid thing to say.  
 Rappers.  kinda sounded funny in my head. But now, I see that was awful... I retract that statement.
 You mean rappers, rights?  ... or did you mean that? You never know with those people... right?
  Seeing as I won't be able to post this tomorrow, I'm doing it now. Keeping it simple for a Friday.
 Its a Guild... of course it will be!
 Right... roger that! Moving on... I'm still intrigued. What is it? Its a pretty cool houndstooth sportcoat, so if it fit me I'd get it and rock that. 
 What is Valentino Oliver? I've never heard of it. Its a 42" chest I think, so its WAY too big for me but what are they worth? Roughly...
 That'd be pretty cool. I have lots of jackets that need nipping and tucking.. 
I'm interviewing my tailor for the magazine I work for tomorrow afternoon. I have some general questions set out, but what would you say?   I'm calling the article 'Your Local Savile Row Tailor'     I've never conducted an interview before so... got any tips? 
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