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I was researching bespoke traits this lunchtime and finally found out what the shoulders are called on my RLPL jacket.    I can't find much info on them, so I'm wondering what information you guys could share with me and who prefers this type of shoulder?  
 I used to have a GA tie with this label. My one was real.
Oh yeah! I remember that! What a find you made there.
 Who's the maker of the Savile Row suit? 
$336 :)
http://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/mens-clothing/suits-and-tailoring/ralph-lauren-large-blue-single-breasted-suit-hd_100291691   Why am I not 42"!    Brand new unfinished RLPL for £200... Someone grab it!
Here's some pics of the Hugo Boss jacket I mentioned earlier   .       Its too large for me in the arms, so its available.
Finally something I can brag about thats worth while.   Brand new 40R Burgundy/Mauve Hugo Boss unlined corduroy blazer with working cuffs, tags, buttons and a £320 RRP for £10!    Pics when I get home. 
 I like Bentley's take on the fountain pen...  
 Thanks, maaan.I used to use a cheapo one in school but that blew up on me, so I haven't used once since... But re-thinking that route for fancy pants writing.
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