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Perhaps a little bit off topic, but may I ask the quality of Ralph Lauren Collection, which seems to be the Purple Label for women? How does it compare with RLPL from quality point of view?   Thanks!
I am just wondering if this tartan could be called "black watch"?   Thanks!  
looks like a (non SF-approved?) black sueded cotton sportcoat to me..   But I do have a very similar one in linen
Got it, I will visit my tailor and see if she can do something. Thanks again, really appreciated!
Thanks Despos for your professional advise. Does this correction involve sleeves removal and re-attachment?
thanks @MisterFu for your input and outfit suggestions, and fine I will keep it as it is..
I got this cotton unlined natural shoulder blazer from Ebay. While I quite like the overall fit and the style, there are noticeable wrinkles on the shoulders/ around collar on both sides. I tried ironing it but it didn't help. Should I return the jacket or maybe shoulder pads would help?   Thanks!      
I also have a few Stenstroems shirts (i think 5 or 6), all of which are "slimline"(the most slim fit line of stenstroems) and sized 39. I'm 5'11", with 37" chest, 29" waist and 33" sleeves. They fit me really well and I am quite satisfied with their quality.    Ossian, I don't have any experience with quality Italian shirts, so I can't help. But in light of your case, I guess I'd better stay away from them lol...   BTW I dropped in a "Colli" store the other day in...
got it, thanks!
and keep the current length?
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