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I am just wondering if this tartan could be called "black watch"?   Thanks!  
looks like a (non SF-approved?) black sueded cotton sportcoat to me..   But I do have a very similar one in linen
Got it, I will visit my tailor and see if she can do something. Thanks again, really appreciated!
Thanks Despos for your professional advise. Does this correction involve sleeves removal and re-attachment?
thanks @MisterFu for your input and outfit suggestions, and fine I will keep it as it is..
I got this cotton unlined natural shoulder blazer from Ebay. While I quite like the overall fit and the style, there are noticeable wrinkles on the shoulders/ around collar on both sides. I tried ironing it but it didn't help. Should I return the jacket or maybe shoulder pads would help?   Thanks!      
I also have a few Stenstroems shirts (i think 5 or 6), all of which are "slimline"(the most slim fit line of stenstroems) and sized 39. I'm 5'11", with 37" chest, 29" waist and 33" sleeves. They fit me really well and I am quite satisfied with their quality.    Ossian, I don't have any experience with quality Italian shirts, so I can't help. But in light of your case, I guess I'd better stay away from them lol...   BTW I dropped in a "Colli" store the other day in...
got it, thanks!
and keep the current length?
thanks for the input but the sleeves are currently unfinished (ie no buttonholes and buttons haven't been sewn), I guess it would be a little weird if buttons are sewn without any (faux or functional) buttonholes.. I actually called a reputable tailor this morning and was quoted 20 euro per buttonhole (hand sewn), it's expensive and he suggested me asking for department stores that have sewing machine to do this job which would cost about 50 euro for 8 buttonholes. This...
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